FD-ISR errors w/ Copy/Update

Discussion in 'FirstDefense-ISR Forum' started by screamer, Jul 29, 2006.

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  1. screamer

    screamer Registered Member

    I have FD-ISR on a scheduled update on two of my machines. The main machine runs/updates fine, never any errors. The laptop has been getting errors lately. I'm not sure what I did just prior to these errors or I would have un-done it.

    In any case, almost every night I get the error about Debug\Passwd, but last night I got a few more. The only thing I did yesterday was flash update my BIOS. I don't see how that releates to these errors:

    07/29/2006 05:04:03 Error - Wrong size or date of "WINDOWS\Debug\PASSWD.LOG" in "Secondary Snapshot"

    07/29/2006 05:04:03 Error - Wrong attributes for "WINDOWS\Prefetch\GBMAGENT.EXE-16EFD105.pf" in "Secondary Snapshot"

    07/29/2006 05:04:03 Error - Wrong attributes for "WINDOWS\Prefetch\REGEDIT.EXE-2AE3423E.pf" in "Secondary Snapshot"

    07/29/2006 05:04:03 Error - Wrong attributes for "WINDOWS\Prefetch\SCHEDHLP.EXE-29F59EF1.pf" in "Secondary Snapshot"

    07/29/2006 05:04:03 Error - Wrong attributes for "WINDOWS\Prefetch\VERCLSID.EXE-28F52AD2.pf" in "Secondary Snapshot"

    07/29/2006 05:04:03 Finalizing

    I really don't think these are of any importance, but I like to see clean logs :)

    edit: Also notice that except for the Debug\PASSWD.Log all the errors are in the "Prefetch Folder" hmmmmm??

    Anyone have a clue?

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  2. screamer

    screamer Registered Member

    I just copied/updated SnapShot again and all the errors were gone. Even the Debug\PASSWD.LOG error

    I'll wait until FD-ISR has to do this task on it's own before I get too happy.
  3. screamer

    screamer Registered Member

    Well I left FD-ISR on its own. e.g. to copy/update Primary SnapShot to Secondary SnapShot via TaskMngr. Same error w/Debug\Passwd.log.

    I can't figure this out... No errors when "I invoke" a scan, but when its run via Taskmngr. I get the error ??
  4. Peter2150

    Peter2150 Global Moderator

    I am confused. Not sure where TaskManager fits in, and I am not sure what you mean by a scan?
  5. wilbertnl

    wilbertnl Registered Member

    Would that be a scheduled copy/update?
  6. Peter2150

    Peter2150 Global Moderator

    I would assumed that also, but I've learned not to assume. I never use the schedule functon, as I always disable KAV before doing any copying with FDISR.
  7. screamer

    screamer Registered Member

    I have my Primary SnapShot "automatically" copy/update to my Secondary SnapShot every morning @ 5am.
    This way, if I screw somthin' up during the day I can copy/update my Primary SnapShot from my Secondary SnapShot.
    They're two identical SnapShots, but the Primary is the "always in use" SnapShot. It's done via SchedTasks

    Oops! Not TskMngr, my mistake edit: by scan I really meant invoke a copy/update. :oops:

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  8. Peter2150

    Peter2150 Global Moderator

    Hi Screamer

    If you are getting errors during that schedule copy and you don't get them when you do it manually, I'd bet something else like a virus scan might be running. That could easly cause errors.

    WHen you are doing a copy, you don't really want any other kinds of scans, defrags etc going on. I actually disable my AV when I do copies in FDISR.

  9. ErikAlbert

    ErikAlbert Registered Member

    Yes Peter could be right about this. That's why I created an off-line snapshot to do all my FDISR-activities at the end of the day to get rid of these problems once and for all. I use the same snapshot for image backup and burning DVD/CD's and to do my work in a quiet environment.

    Like Peter I don't use scheduled tasks. I start everything manually.
    I don't have fixed hours to work on my computer and that makes scheduled tasks very difficult to run. Computer is often OFF when these tasks are supposed to run.
    The scheduled tasks of FDISR require also a password and I get an error message after skipping the password screen.
    The scheduled tasks don't have so many options like the scheduled tasks of Acronis True Image and that's a pity, it makes them less usefull.
  10. screamer

    screamer Registered Member

    Hi Pete,

    ewido scans at 1am
    NOD32 scans at 1:30am
    FD-ISR copies at 5am

    I checked Event Viewer and nothing was running during the copy/update. Not even an ewido or NOD update. I have a simillar BackUp / scan routine on my main box and never (fingers X'd) get any errors. Maybe I'll send Raxco an e-mail and see what they have to say. Like I said, I doubt its anything critical, but I like to see clean logs.

  11. Peter2150

    Peter2150 Global Moderator

    I am kind of like Erik. When I sleep so does my computer.

    I never use scheduled anything I as I like to keep an eye on what is happening. Learned my lesson a few years ago, when something went wrong on a scheduled task and I never was able to figure out what happened.

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