Fast - Easy Way To Get A+ Certification?

Discussion in 'other software & services' started by DasFox, Feb 7, 2008.

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  1. DasFox

    DasFox Registered Member

    After many years of computing I've decided I need to get my A+ to be able to get better jobs with companies that like to see certifications and degrees.

    I study good on my own and learn pretty fast, but I'd imagine at a self learning pace, it would take a few months to get the A+.

    There's a lot I've never bothered learning, so I don't know how big of a challenge this will be, and I'd like to get it as fast as possible because as soon as I do I will be putting my resume out there for work.

    If someone was looking for the fastest and easiest way to all of this would it be best to get into an online school, or just study some books is all and then take the test?

    As far as reading on my own I've been looking at these books:

    CompTIA A+ Certification Workbook For Dummies:


    Exam Cram:

    One thing that had me confused was this New Horizons website listing all these A+ courses:

    I thought there was only one A+ certification?

    One last thing, is the A+ really hard to take? I've read some people saying it's not hard at all, just entry level stuff...

  2. DasFox

    DasFox Registered Member

    Ok I'm going to get these books:

    A+ Certification All-in-One Exam Guide, Sixth Edition (A+ Certification All in One Exam)
    by Michael Meyer

    PC Technician Street Smarts: A Real World Guide to CompTIA A+ Skills
    by James Pyles

    I was told after studying these I'll be good to go.
  3. lucas1985

    lucas1985 Retired Moderator

    I've heard the same.
  4. Chris12923

    Chris12923 Registered Member

    It is very easy (basic) test. I passed it back when dos was still included and I really had no idea about dod and still don't but managed to pass even missing most dos questions. As long as you can pretty much fix most things you encounter on your pc you should be good to go in my opinion.


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