f-secure not working at all! disturbing test results

Discussion in 'other anti-virus software' started by tahoma, Dec 6, 2003.

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  1. tahoma

    tahoma Registered Member

    due to installing new hardware i was forced to reinstall windows yesterday, cos there were some kinf of problems so i decided reinstalling was the easiest solution.

    with the new installation i decided to give the new f-secure workstation version a try, the one with avp, orion and the new engine, solo or whatever its called (the one replacing f-prot) - i had no other Av installed at the time

    updated f-secure, all was fine. so i decided to try my virus cd just to make sure f-secure was working. and it detected nothing ,so i decided to copy the viruses to my desktop. still nothing from the resident scanner. scanned the whole dir using the rightclick menu...nothing. f-secure found nothing suspicious in the archives, or in the extracted files - rebooted, still nothing, i even set it to scan all files, not just based on extensions...nothing

    disturbed by this i uninstalled f-secure, reinstalled my beloved drweb and also beloved KAV. both resident scanners detected all the malware on the cd, i didnt have to copy to the desktop this time.

    both drweb and kav identifed all the malware in my samples.

    the attached screenshot shows the f-secure scan results ,and the kav scan results. note that the paths are different cos i decided to try putting the samples on the desktop to see if f-secure could find anything there, but the samples are the exact same ones.also note that drwebs scan results are identical to kavs

    how can this happen o_O

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  2. Godzilla

    Godzilla AV Expert

    Archiv Scan activated ?
    I ask because i see custom scan options ---> scan with extensions - did you edit / change these extensions ?
    Or, did you disable Archiv Scan maybe ?
  3. tahoma

    tahoma Registered Member

    archive scan enabled yes, in addition i extracted all the archives before scanning. the screenshot also shows 'scan archives' enabled
  4. Godzilla

    Godzilla AV Expert

    i guess we can not resolving this problem by guessing what's happened.
    You have to install this again (if this makes sense for you) that we can track down the problem step by step.
    Otherwise it's only a guessing game without proved results.

  5. Technodrome

    Technodrome Security Expert

    This happened to me with version 5.31. Right click scan wouldn’t pick anything archived after clean installation of XP( don't know why). Reinstallation helped and problem was solved.

  6. controler

    controler Guest

    This happend to me with A squared...
    I copied the files from a CD to a folder on desktop and the scanner found nothing, which Andreas ddidn't believe. I couldn't send the files through Yahoo mails cause yahoo's AV cleaned them. I see hotmail gives 3 meg max now and only inbound scanning so may go with that.
    wondering if copying nasties from a CD to a desktop folder has something to do with the AV or AT not detecting anything Under Windows XP.
    Were all of you using XP alsoo_O??

  7. illukka

    illukka Spyware Fighter

    the scan config should read scan all files, not with extensions..
  8. tahoma

    tahoma Registered Member

    scanned all files (not with extensions) after i took the screenshot - same result
  9. illukka

    illukka Spyware Fighter

    and you have updated bases?sorry looked closely to yur screen shots.. you have.. all i can think of is that f-secure doesn't work because of unremoved kav/drweb registry entries..

    could it be that you have corrupted bases? try downloading the latest db(zip) from www.f-secure.com and then extract it to your bases directory
    your avp db looks old,it should be weeks newer

    another edit..seems that this has happened to many with the new version( checked some finnish sites)i'll check some more if i can find a fix..

    EDIT: alla ican find is that it seems to be some registry f00k-up that f-secure setup program has made.. if you still wanna use it i suggest another clean reinstall( with avo/drweb reg entries removed).. still, the combination of avp/dr web is probably the most powerful av combo in existence, so why bother with f-secure??

    contact f-secure support if you're still into it..
  10. ChrisP

    ChrisP Suspended Member

    Are you doing a full system scan or an on demand "right click" scan?

    If the latter is the case, see:


    I found the on demand scanner would not work - the above thread will show you how to resolve the problem - perhaps!

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