ezsidmv.dat - Is this file bad ?

Discussion in 'malware problems & news' started by kane85, Dec 22, 2010.

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  1. kane85

    kane85 Registered Member


    I discovered a file in my "c:\ProgramData" named "ezsidmv.dat". I have no idea what this file is, or where it came from.

    I ran a few searches and the results is somewhat confusing. There is little to no information on the file that I could find. Some say it is bad and should be deleted. I tested it using several online scanners, and it came out clean.

    Opening it with notepad, I had some strange text:

    ÷/BÝãXx?úv˜¨Ž†ÊÃ…#¨,a‰äœÑ•Küo^ˆôh]‡Š yð¶ 0Ï ÛÌç‡E‰4

    Thats all the file contained viewing it in notepad.

    Some of the google results connect this file with Skype.
    Other have the file in windows/system32 folder, I do not have it there.

    This is a completely new installation of my system, finished installing just one hour ago. I just don't get where I could have got this in that short of time.

    My very limited knowledge of this kind of malware problems tells me this file alone can not do any damage, but it could be part of a more sinister malware ?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated :)

    Best regards
  2. Franklin

    Franklin Registered Member

    If it's under 20 meg in size you could upload to Virus Total for a scan.
  3. kane85

    kane85 Registered Member

    The file size is less than 1 KB.

    Ran file through Virus Total and Virscan, no detections at all. Scanned my computer with superantispyware, S&D, malwarebytes and Nod 32. No infections found at all.

    Still, people claim the file to be bad on some security networks.
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