Ewido shuts down before finishing scan

Discussion in 'ewido anti-spyware forum' started by naleczow, Apr 15, 2006.

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  1. naleczow

    naleczow Registered Member

    I ran ewido about 6 times already and the same thing happens each time. The program detects 191 infected objects after scanning 33.5% of the files on my computer. When the alert pops up I select "Remove" and check both boxes (create backup and perform action with all infections). The program then proceeds to scan the rest of the computer until the scan is about 70% complete. Then the program just disappears. When I open ewido again, in the section called "Infected objects found" the number increases from what it was last time but there is no saved report that I can access to see whether the program actually removed these infected files. Then if I run a complete system scan again, ewido again detects 191 infected objects at the same time it did last time(~33.5%) and the program again shuts down at 70%.

    All the infected files appear to be in a Mozilla Firefox subfolder.

    Can anyone tell me what's going on?

  2. vinzenz.ewido

    vinzenz.ewido former ewido team

    Please start your pc in safe mode and retry scanning again.

  3. martunes

    martunes Registered Member

    I had the same problem and tried what you suggest and it still shuts down before it finished in safe mode as well.
  4. johnnycool

    johnnycool Registered Member

    I have the same problem, I tried the safe mode suggestion without success. Ewido gets halfway through the scan then disappears. If I do a quick scan it works fine, but not on full system scan. I only purchased the program yesterday - mistake?
  5. martunes

    martunes Registered Member

    well - seeing we're getting no love here - I just kept trying - never watching when it shut down. I'd run it in safe mode and then not. My guess is they found the definition to roust this particular virus because I don't appear to have it. What's been your experience? My trial has expired - should I buy it? The lack of response here hasn't overwhlemed me with confidence. :rolleyes:
  6. karl.ewido

    karl.ewido former ewido team

    If the ewido software crashed during a Full-System-Scan, please deactivate the scan option to scan in archives and setups and then scan again with the 'Full-System-Scan' mode.
  7. Chris12923

    Chris12923 Registered Member

    This does work for me but I think I read another thread where it said it will be fixed soon? Can you confirm?


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