ESS v4 vs. v5

Discussion in 'ESET Smart Security' started by SBMongoos, Jan 2, 2012.

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  1. encus

    encus Registered Member

    I'm quite satisfied with v4. Will give v5 a shot when a new build is released.:cool:
  2. m0unds

    m0unds Registered Member

    i do the same w/the firewall on my portable machines (desktop is just kept in automatic + rules mode), but i disable HIPS to keep it from interfering with WRSA. i'm not sure that it would, but i'd rather avoid the trouble to begin with :)
  3. SBMongoos

    SBMongoos Registered Member

    If I make the jump do you recommend uninstalling v4, cleanup and then install v5 or just upgrade?
  4. xxJackxx

    xxJackxx Registered Member

    I always uninstall and clean up.
  5. klarm

    klarm Registered Member

    guys, which is the strongest mode to pick?
    I'm currently using interactive. I don't mind being asked for anything that asks for connection.

    when gamer mode is picked, does it mean that firewall is lowered and letting apps to connect without asking?

  6. Janus

    Janus Registered Member

    Hey klarm, Some (small) thoughts from an Eset user.
    When you are running gamer mode, popups and scheduled tasks will be suppressed. Realtime protection and firewall will still be full active ( according to yours predefined rules)and kicking. Setting your firewall in interactive mode can lead to greater control and security of your system , or to a complete nightmare, if you do not know what your are doing. Yes I know you can also put your firewall in learning mode, but if you cannot evaluate the rules created when the period ends, then you can theoretical accept something that can jeopardize your system, in different ways. Eset default configuration is actually quite smart and solid IMHO. So if you do not has any special wishes to your security configuration, then i truly believe that you're quite protected with default settings. If I have to be a little philosophical (oh my god here we go :D ) then is the human factor probably the biggest security risk, after all
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  7. klarm

    klarm Registered Member

    thanks mate,
    this is the thing, I like being it total control.
    I've been using ZA for years and never used the automatic firewall control, I just like to see/know where it is connecting (yes I'm the one of the paranoid :D).
    In 99% cases I'll understand where it is trying to connect when I get the popup. If I'm not completely sure where it is going then I'll use the "allow temporarily" option so it asks me again later on if the connection was needed for something I requested. there are just to many apps/games/progs,... that want to connect somewhere for no good reason.
    and I don't get to many popups from eset now that my system settled in and I already set-up all the main popups. I just wanted to be sure that interactive is the option for max user control cos I don't understand some of those on the list but I guess I could google it... or better yet, start page-it :).
  8. SweX

    SweX Registered Member

    Hello klarm :)

    What I have done is to make sure that every app that I use that needs an connection is allowed and set up correctly. And after that I set the Firewall in Policy-based mode. Wich means that it will allow everything that has a rule, and deny everything else wich doesn't have a rule created for it both in/out.

    That way you don't need to worry about unknown connection attempts or pop-ups.
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