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Discussion in 'ESET Smart Security' started by Janus, May 8, 2012.

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  1. Janus

    Janus Registered Member

    I am unsure whether I have understood Eset Unilicense terms correctly. But can someone please tell me, covers Eset Uni-licensing model also mobile platforms? ... Can I choose to use/activate one of my Eset Smart Security license keys on mobile platforms, such as android/windows phones?... if not, would it be something that Eset would consider to including.
  2. lodore

    lodore Registered Member

    I dont think you can but I will look forward to a reply from Eset. I hope eset can include this in the future if they dont already since i would like eset mobile.
  3. Janus

    Janus Registered Member

    It is not to offend anyone, but my questions is not rocket science...:)
  4. rekun

    rekun Registered Member

    I dont think you can.

    Where i live, you can save about 50% on the mobile security if you already have a Smart Security license.

    However i do really like your idea, and i think that its something Eset should consider.
  5. lodore

    lodore Registered Member

    I have contacted eset uk by phone and they state that eset mobile security is a completely different product so they require a different license.
  6. Janus

    Janus Registered Member

    Hello :)
    Thank you so much lodore, for taken the time to investigate this question. It is very very much appreciated. I feel it's really a shame, that the genuine idea of an Uni license, that would have worked on all platforms is wasted. It would have been in my opinion, a truly strong Sales Argument. Why not take the last step. " SMART SECURITY and SMART FULL CIRCLE LICENSE.
    Yours sincerely
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  7. agoretsky

    agoretsky Eset Staff Account


    License terms vary from region to region, since what works in the Argentinean market may not work in the Chinese market and so forth. It is best to check with the distributor in your country, region or territory to find out exactly how the software is licensed.


    Aryeh Goretsky
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