EAV4 - 1 vs McAfee Enterprise 8.5i - 0

Discussion in 'ESET NOD32 Antivirus v4 Beta Forum' started by gisuck, Nov 25, 2008.

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  1. gisuck

    gisuck Registered Member

    Just had a laptop come in infected with My Web Search, VirusTrigger malware, and Zlob trojan. McAfee failed to remove the instance from the computer. ESET had no problems what-so-ever! All I had to do was delete the run registry keys from these malware items.

    Thank you ESET. You have saved me several hours of work to rebuild a laptop. :) My only request is to have a registry scanner to delete these application keys when you detect these unwanted apps.
  2. funkydude

    funkydude Registered Member

    Glad to hear it, but, a detection rate isn't everything in an anti-virus. Don't go jumping hoops thinking ESET is more awesome just because it picked up something McAfee didn't, there are actually legitimate good reasons that prove it to be better.

    I'm saying if you used detection rate as your prime goal you would be hooping through every AV within a year and back around again next year.
  3. gisuck

    gisuck Registered Member

    Actually Funkydude, I am more aware that detection isn't everything. Unfortunately, my company had just about enough with dealing with McAfee and will be switching to ESET in the new year.

    McAfee has been for too intrusive and overall performance degrade has made us run out our contract for this year and to jump ship. We have already completed trials of ESET on 30 of our company computers and feedback is that machine performance overall was better compared to that of using McAfee.

    McAfee has also flaked out on us several times when we have uploaded samples to McAfee for scrubbing our systems, only to take 3 days to complete when their business line SLA is 24 hours.

    Granted ESET isn't the end all solution to our problems, but our fustrations has put us to the limit with McAfee that we have found ESET to be better overall in support. (Well, at least by comparison to ESETs presales support.) While its detection hit/miss rate is different for every vendor, I still say ESET will be better for us overall as they release mutliple updates per day, compared to 1 update every business day.

    Our company is just looking for a solution to deploy that will minimize the impact to the end user overall. Performance wise, McAfee isn't the solution we want to keep around much longer.
  4. wiak

    wiak Registered Member

    there is a reason i change antivirus to eset NOD32 on my grandparents PC
    its a old pc and the antivirus they had needed to get "activation" and wasnt updated for a week!

    eset wins on not slowing down the pc to a grawl

    i hope eset wont add crap like parental control, backup tool and such to smart security its not NEEDED, vista got a good backup program, other tools like Acronis True Image is way better to

    i love eset now for getting the notify its customers if they havnt installed latest windows updates!, and SysRescue!!! its needed alot more than any backup/parental control! :)
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