DSLReports site outage - 15 April 2012

Discussion in 'other software & services' started by FanJ, Apr 15, 2012.

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  1. FanJ

    FanJ Updates Team

    Just to inform you that DSLR/BBR has a site outage.

    From Cabana:

  2. Cudni

    Cudni Global Moderator

    Thank you. I was wondering why the slow access.
  3. FanJ

    FanJ Updates Team

    You're welcome, Cudni.
  4. Cudni

    Cudni Global Moderator

    They are still battling with slow access by the looks of it
  5. Primrose

    Primrose Registered Member

  6. FanJ

    FanJ Updates Team

  7. Cudni

    Cudni Global Moderator

    All good this end too :)
  8. Primrose

    Primrose Registered Member

    It's a pleasure..especially to see so many familiar people at this great Wilder's Security Forum. Don't get here very much these days..but lurk often. :thumb:
  9. chrisretusn

    chrisretusn Registered Member

    Never even noticed. Must be the TZ difference. :)
  10. noone_particular

    noone_particular Registered Member

    If they'd get more hamsters on the wheel, they wouldn't be worked as hard and they wouldn't be trying so hard to escape.
  11. Primrose

    Primrose Registered Member

  12. FanJ

    FanJ Updates Team

    Thanks again John.

    Must be those hamsters
  13. Cudni

    Cudni Global Moderator

    A note displayed now
  14. Primrose

    Primrose Registered Member

    Update 19:20 EDT
    Unfortunately, a database server doesn't take kindly to being taken down without proper shutdown procedures and the
    restoration efforts are still under way. No ETA at this time.

    Sad..because at one time they had generator back up as you can see from this outage event back in 2006..happened again as I recall in 2008.

  15. chrisretusn

    chrisretusn Registered Member

    Noticed the messages on the site today. Still down.
  16. jadinolf

    jadinolf Registered Member

    That is my most visited forum. I usually spend hours there every day.

    Needless to say, I have lots of spare time on my hands lately.

  17. idavid4att

    idavid4att Registered Member

    I am here.... and still able to help att dsl and uverse customers.

    the QR code off to the left has the contact page particulars.

    Hoping I can still help... I was busy before BBR went down. It's been kind of s-l-o-w without it.
  18. noons

    noons Registered Member

    I feel lost without DSLR :( I can understand the pain Justin is going through, lost redundant storage is usually never explained and blamed on old firmware. Hes going to get little sleep this week.
  19. trparky

    trparky Registered Member

    I'm just wondering where I'm going to hang out online if DSLReports.com bites the dust.

    I read through the play-by-play description of the system failure and I cringed more and more as I read each event that went by.

    I have to wonder if he'll ever get any of that data back. If you ask me his chances are slim and none, and "slim" has left town and "none" is smiling on the bed and making himself comfortable.

    The dollar amounts alone made me nearly scream. I'd not blame Justin if he decided to just throw the towel in.
  20. rcdailey

    rcdailey Registered Member

    The sequence of events he describes and the actions of those at the data center makes one wonder how many customers of other data centers around the world may be in similar danger of losing everything and just don't know it yet.
  21. trparky

    trparky Registered Member

    Yeah, I have to wonder too. All that money, all that hardware, all that redundancy. Oh crap, here comes a power outage and *poof* all the data goes bye-bye.

    Personally, if I was Justin I would've gotten his servers out of NAC years ago. This isn't the first time they had power issues like this, it was only a matter of time until a disaster like this happened. How NAC hasn't been sued into the ground is a wonder. Data centers absolutely should not EVER have a massive power outage like this.

    I have my web site hosted on a server located at a data center in Dallas, TX. Never had a power issue like this in over three years! If I remember correctly, the shared server I have my site on has dual power supplies with dual power feeds from two different power utilities.
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  22. Primrose

    Primrose Registered Member

  23. jabarnut

    jabarnut Registered Member

    Heh...Interesting. I certainly recognize a few names around here. (I've actually been a member here since 2006!) Where have I been?
    As some of you know, I'm on BBR every day as well. And like some others, the more I read about the problems Justin is having, the more it sounds like a disaster.
    I'm wondering myself at this point if all of the data will ever be recovered.
    And man, we're talking a LOT of data here. Yikes! :eek:
  24. FanJ

    FanJ Updates Team

    I hope that Justin will be able to get things working again and recover the lost info.

    A belated Happy Birthday for Justin's son :D

    For years folks have been posting on the mutual boards in case the other one was temporarily down (at the Wilders board when DSLR/BBR was down, and vice versa). I thank the owners of the respective boards for allowing that!
  25. hayc59

    hayc59 Updates Team

    Whoooo are you? LOL
    **Snap** *puppy*
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