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Discussion in 'other anti-virus software' started by dell boy, Jun 16, 2009.

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  1. dell boy

    dell boy Registered Member

    ok so you read about this virut and its real bad and all, matts video of removing it needs an av for Curing not just detecting and removing, so this dr.web cd sounds the business, and making a free cd sounds like a good precaution.

    so i think i know how to make one, but what about it being up to date, like if i make it now with 16/6/2009 virus database, if i get infected in a month its not going to be very useful is it?

    with avira boot cd i noticed it had to be made just before you use it, atleast i didnt see any updating on it.

    if someone who knows about this could please let us know the script on how it works. also is the standard av anygood? has it been in any tests?
    please no fanboy b/s

  2. lodore

    lodore Registered Member

    The drweb rescue cd it has a bultin updator. so it doesnt really matter how old the version on the CD is. its always best to use a wired ethernet connection for the updating.
    The avira system you have redownload to update as far as i know.
    is there anything else you wish to know?
  3. dell boy

    dell boy Registered Member

    ah thanks, also wondering how good the normal antivirus from dr.web, as curing files is quite handy would that be good choice for antivirus? does it scan emails and such like that
  4. lodore

    lodore Registered Member

    it has all the standard features such as email scanning etc and the space security version has HTTP scanner. updates are tiny.
    One issue is that there isnt a 64bit version yet=(
  5. dell boy

    dell boy Registered Member

    how does it do in tests? i havent seen it in av-comparatives. can any one who uses it verify how good it is? i dont see many people round here use it, is there a reason?
  6. lodore

    lodore Registered Member

    It was included in one av-comparatives.
    Do remember this is a support forum so people normally post if they have an issue with a product or have a question about a product.
    test it for yourself its the only way to know if you like the product and if it works with your configration. report back with any questions during your trial.
  7. risl

    risl Registered Member

    Traditionally Dr.Web doesn't perform that good in tests. They have said it was designed to protect users, and not to pass tests which according to them, is a completely different thing.

    Quick overview: It's light, works out of the box without extra tuning and it's pretty stable / trouble free. Quite similar to F-prot but I prefer Dr.Web because it gets much more updates(product and signature)and is more configurable.

    I have used it with only windows xp firewall and don't have any problems, or had any problems. For some less experienced users I would recommend to use some additional program(BB,HIPS,etc.)beside Dr.Web.
  8. SergM

    SergM Registered Member

    I will add from myself: the infected machines can cure very small quantity of antiviruses. The small quantity of antiviruses is insignificant does it really correctly. DrWeb - one of the few who is able to do it.
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