Does Webroot SecureAnywhere complete support Chrome browser?

Discussion in 'Prevx Betas' started by 2Ton, Feb 16, 2012.

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  1. 2Ton

    2Ton Registered Member

    Does Webroot SecureAnywhere Complete support the Google Chrome browser? I do not see the padlock even when on banking sites. I have Google Chrome 17.0.963.56. It works on Firefox and Internet Explorer. Thanks
  2. Dermot7

    Dermot7 Registered Member

  3. 2Ton

    2Ton Registered Member

    Thanks for the links. I guess it does not support my version of Google Chrome yet.
  4. Rompin Raider

    Rompin Raider Registered Member

    I am using the same version of Chrome as you...the lock symbol comes and goes when I use it. I'm not sure why but will start watching closer....didn't pay much attention to it until you mentioned same. Thanks
  5. fblais

    fblais Registered Member

    I'm using SRWare's Iron (based on Chromium) browser and get the key when I go to HTTPS sites as well.
  6. Kees1958

    Kees1958 Registered Member

    No problem here

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  7. 2Ton

    2Ton Registered Member

    You are right, it comes and goes. I noticed it for the first time today. It came on once. Thanks.
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