Delete WebCacheV01.dat, WebCacheV01.dat Viewer & Deleter

Discussion in 'privacy technology' started by The_PrivaZer_Team, Aug 30, 2013.

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  1. The_PrivaZer_Team

    The_PrivaZer_Team Developer

    Delete WebCacheV01.dat with "WebCacheV01.dat Viewer & Deleter"


    As you may know, Internet Explorer 10 and above uses a new Web Cache technology to index and store cookies and websites you have visited.

    Old index.dat files are replaced by an ESE database (WebCacheV01.dat or WebCacheV24.dat)
    located in %LOCALAPPDATA%\Microsoft\Windows\WebCache

    For more information on ESE database (Jet Blue database), see here :

    What we know so far, after investigations :
    1. Cookies, visited websites, DOM Storages are indexed in WebCacheV01.dat
    2. Not only IE uses WebCacheV01.dat, Windows apps may use it too to store cookies and DOM Storages
    3. WebCacheV01.dat is locked by taskhost.exe, making it hard to delete
    4. WebCacheV01.dat is only released after user logoff

    Anyway, after days of investigation, we have finally found a way to delete WebCacheV01.dat and preserve your privacy.

    To give you full access to WebCacheV01.dat,
    we intend to develop a new software called "WebCacheV01.dat Viewer & Deleter".

    You will be able to :
    - view containers/ entries in WebCacheV01.dat
    - delete entries in WebCacheV01.dat
    - delete WebCacheV01.dat

    Thanks for your feedback.
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  2. M0rriss0n

    M0rriss0n Registered Member

    Hello Privazer Team,

    Could you spread a light on the progress of development of the "WebCacheV01.dat Viewer & Deleter".

    Every time I delete this file it recreates itself.
    There is no option not cache anything.
    For security and privacy reasons, this is a major issue in my perspective!

    By the way: I don't even use IE10!

    Keep up the good work!
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    EASTER Registered Member

    We appreciate the internal probing for those areas where windows stores various views users make. I always said going waaaaaay back at first XP release that of all the useful computing chores windows makes possible for us, to me it's still one of the most notorious copying machines without paper ever created.

    Looking forward to PrivaZer new cleaner for IE.

    Good find. Keep the probes searching for more.

    Regards EASTER
  4. The_PrivaZer_Team

    The_PrivaZer_Team Developer

    Hello EASTER and M0rriss0n,

    Development progress :

    "WebCacheV01.dat Viewer & Deleter" is not ready yet but we have good news to share.

    When you clean IE 10 and IE 11 internet traces with PrivaZer,
    PrivaZer is able to perform additional cleanups to protect your privacy :

    1. PrivaZer deletes history of visited websites in WebCacheV01.dat database
    2. PrivaZer deletes IE cache entries in WebCacheV01.dat database

    As it it is a major privacy issue, we decided to have any new developments directly added in PrivaZer.

    So what comes in next PrivaZer releases?
    We will add a way :

    1. to securely delete WebCacheV01.dat file when users want to
    2. to permanently delete WebCacheV01.dat

    and to perform new internal cleanups of WebCacheV01.dat database (cookies, DOM storages,etc.)
  5. Lex2345

    Lex2345 Registered Member

    I also await your program.

    I have not installed IE10 awaiting someone to provide information and control over this new MS method of caching everyone"s history.

    Please ensure that the new program works with Windows 7 x64 SP1.

    Some informational links for what they are worth: 5:27:00 PM

    I also have a PDF file that a forensic group has put together while they try to decipher this new way of caching.
    I will post if someone will tell me how to do attachments here.
  6. The_PrivaZer_Team

    The_PrivaZer_Team Developer

  7. Lex2345

    Lex2345 Registered Member

    Sent as requested.
  8. Lex2345

    Lex2345 Registered Member

    PrivaZer Team

    Any progress to report on this topic?
  9. The_PrivaZer_Team

    The_PrivaZer_Team Developer

    Hello to all,
    as promised, we can announce that we will add new features in the next release of PrivaZer v2.12
    to delete WebCacheV01.dat or remove portions of it depending on what you need. :cool:
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  10. S.B.

    S.B. Registered Member

    You Guys (The PrivaZer Team) are simply Un-Effing-Real! Which is to say, it is simply unbelievable how you keep improving and improving, an already great product!

    Many many many many THANKS!

  11. The_PrivaZer_Team

    The_PrivaZer_Team Developer

    DONE !!!!

    Now you can easily delete WebCacheV01.dat thanks to PrivaZer !

    1- Select "Index.dat & WebCache" in the scan list
    2- Click on "Options"
    3- Click on "Remove all" (unchecked by default)

    Deleting WebCache will delete references to visited websites, cookies, DOMStores, etc. for IE10, IE11 and apps.

    Download it here :

    Enjoy and keep us informed guys ! :cool:

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  12. Lex2345

    Lex2345 Registered Member

    Can someone advise the following:

    1. Does this new enhancement work with the portable version of PrivaZer?
    2. Does this new enhancement also clear or delete the Log files which work with the WebCacheV01.dat and reside in the WebCache folder?
    3. When does the deletion of data take place - immediately, or upon reboot?
    4. Can the data be securely deleted/overwritten?
    5. Does IE10 recreate empty Logs and WebCacheV01.dat upon restart as it did/does with index.dat?
    6. Per example above, what do the various options under WebCache do or not do?
    Remove All (what is "All")
    7. Can PrivaZer be utilized for just this operation as often as needed, or do other scans/features also have to be performed?

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  13. The_PrivaZer_Team

    The_PrivaZer_Team Developer

    Hello Lex2345,

    1. Yes, you can clean WebCacheV01.dat with the portable version of PrivaZer
    2. Yes, if you check "Remove all", it will clean all files residing in the WebCache folder
    3. The deletion of WebCacheV01.dat is performed immediately by PrivaZer. No need to reboot.

    4. Yes, WebCacheV01.dat is securely deleted by overwriting techniques (1 pass upto 35 passes - Peter Gutmann's algorithm).

    - If "Remove all" is checked, the entire WebCacheV01.dat is securely deleted.
    - If "History" is selected, IE history entries in the database are securely removed
    - If "Cache" is selected, IE Cache entries in the database are securely removed

    5. Yes, Internet Explorer and apps recreate an empty WebCache as soon as they access new websites. No need to reboot.

    6. Details on PrivaZer's menu :
    "Compact" : the WebCache database is compacted
    "Remove all" : all files in %LocalAppData%\Microsoft\Windows\WebCache are securely deleted (WebCacheV01.dat, log files, chk files, jrs files, etc.). It cleans the entire database
    "History" : IE history entries contained in the database are securely removed. Other entries stay untouched
    "Cache" : IE cache entries contained in the database are securely removed. Other entries stay intact

    And there will be more to come...
    Hope it helps the community :cool:
  14. EASTER

    EASTER Registered Member



    The corner on the global industry for this and still counting.

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