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Discussion in 'Acronis Disk Director Suite' started by rk911, Aug 10, 2009.

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  1. rk911

    rk911 Registered Member

    hi. using acronis disk director suite v10 build 2160. fully paid for and registered. also have acronis true image 2009 installed. that is also fully paid for and registered. system here is dell laptop running WinXP Pro SP2 with all critical updated installed.

    the problem: i can create a rescue CD from within True Image but not from within Disk Director. i've done some troubleshooting and determined the following:

    - when i create a rescue CD from within true image there are check marks for true image but not disk director. when i check disk director the total space required on the CD is 89.08 MB. the rescue disk is created and works (i've tested it).

    - when i try and create a rescue CD from within disk director there are no check marks next to true image (i expect that) but instead of a check mark in the box next to disk director the box is colored green. there ARE check marks in all of the boxes under disk director. i CAN create a rescue disk as long as i don't check the boxes next to true image. if i do check the boxes next to true image i get a total space required on CD of only 53.47 MB instead of 89.08 MB. with all boxes checked the creation of the rescue disk fails with the following error:

    E0018000B: Cannot load required components. Please reinstall Acronis Test Program. Please contact Acronis support team for information on how to resolve this issue. To provide our support team with complete description of the issue, click Details, and then click the icon above the description in the open field. It will copy the issue's details to the Clipboard.

    Cannot load required components. Please reinstall Acronis Test Program. (0x18000B)
    Tag = 0x9078F2483C89C518
    ramdisk.dat (0x18000B)
    Tag = 0x6983D207431790E6
    i assumed that i can use a single rescue disk for both true image and disk director. true? why is it i can create a rescue disk for both true image and disk director from within true image?

    why am i getting this error?

    i have removed and reinstalled disk director twice with the same results. i thought that acronis provided free support for 30-days following purchase but all i see are options for paid plans. o_O

    any help is appreciated.

  2. K0LO

    K0LO Registered Member


    Just a guess, but Disk Director is over 2 yrs old now and TI 2009 is new. Both programs include the Bootable Media Builder application and probably share some common DLLs. I'm guessing that the order of installation will matter. If you had installed the older program (DD) first and then installed the newer program (TI) last, the newer program would have correctly updated the common shared components in Bootable Media Builder.

    To fix you will probably have to install DD first and TI last. And yes, you should be able to create a boot CD that contains both programs.

    If you try this then please post back with your experience. This issue has come up on the forum before.
  3. rk911

    rk911 Registered Member

    good morning, mark. i just had a chat session with acronis tech support. they pretty much told me that as long as i had a good rescue disk created by TI that i shouldn't worry about the problem with DD. when i pressed them they told me to create some log files for them (which i will do). we'll see how that works out.

    in the meantime your suggestion is a good one. i ran into a similar issue many years ago after installing an application from the publishers of Word Perfect. in that case the new app used an older driver that replaced the newer version of the driver. the result was that WP would not load. once we uninstalled both and then reinstalled them in reverse order the problem went away. i'll give your suggestion a try and report back here.

    thanks again

    rich, n9dko
  4. rk911

    rk911 Registered Member

    well, i used another image backup program to restore my hard drive partitions to their state prior to installing the acronis programs.

    i installed disk director v10 first, re-booted and the installed true image 2009 and re-booted. same problem. i can create a rescue disk using TI that includes both TI and DD. when i try to do the same using DD i can create a rescue disk ONLY if i do not include TI. if this is a problem for DD how can i be sure that the other functions are working correctly?

    i'm now waiting to hear from acronis regarding their requests for log files.
  5. MudCrab

    MudCrab Imaging Specialist

    If you can create a TI/DD CD using TI, you don't need to create another one using DD.

    It seems that with every new TI release/build, DD is having more and more problems with Media Builder because Acronis hasn't updated the version included with DD.

    Media Builder is a separate program and used by both TI and DD. Don't judge DD by Media Builder's performance or lack thereof.
  6. UmerRazi

    UmerRazi Registered Member

    Re: Creating Bootable Media

    I want to know that each computer should have its own bootable rescue media or just one media disk made on any computer will work as bootable rescue media for any computer on which it is used.
  7. MudCrab

    MudCrab Imaging Specialist

    Re: Creating Bootable Media

    The bootable media created is the same. You don't need to create one for each computer unless you need to add any special Linux parameters for TI (DD doesn't support this).

    To be compliant with with the license agreement, you should have a purchased copy for each computer on which it will be used.
  8. rk911

    rk911 Registered Member

    ok, thanks. appreciate the post.

    rich, n9dko
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