Configuring a Westell 6100F (Verizon DSL)

Discussion in 'hardware' started by AKAJohnDoe, Jun 7, 2008.

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  1. AKAJohnDoe

    AKAJohnDoe Registered Member

    99.9% of the use will be through a wireless router/access point hardwired downstream from the Westell modem/router.

    On the Westell I have already changed the:
    • password
    • IP address
    • DHCP addresses and range

    A few questions:
    1. Should I leave the Westell security settings or bump them up to at least minimum?
    2. Are there any other configuration options that should be considered?
    3. The Westell is configured in bridge mode; however, with a wireless router connected there will be NAT twice, correct? Any considerations there of which I should be aware?

    I previously configured the downstream wireless router/access point to my satisfaction.
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  2. AKAJohnDoe

    AKAJohnDoe Registered Member

    The only oddity I notice is a UDP packet coming down to my PC, through the wireless router, from the wired Modem/router. Likely DNS related, I have not really looked into it since ZoneAlarm blocks it at my PC and everything appears to be functional.
  3. timcan

    timcan Registered Member

    Hi, not sure if this helps in your case but I used instructions from this link on my bridged mode/separate router westell 6100 from bellsouth/att.
    Possibly the same configuration. :)
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