Comprehensive list of free HIPS software?

Discussion in 'other anti-malware software' started by Gullible Jones, May 11, 2009.

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  1. I've been Googling around for a free host intrusion prevention system, but having a bit of trouble finding good ones... What I've got so far:

    - Antihook: version 2.6 supports Win2k, but is very old. Version 3 looks better but has no Win2k support.

    [Edit: My bad, Antihook is a 30-day trial. Scratch that one.]

    - Samurai: currently using, good but seems to be getting dated, and the HIPS aspect is a little limited - it didn't fair so well in recent tests according to one thread here on Wilders.

    - ProcessGuard: hasn't been updated in a while, and I've read bad things about DiamondCS around here.

    Any others out there, or is that it? Or should I just shell out the cash for Malware Defender (or WinXP for that matter)?
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  3. Boost

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    One of the best out there that alotta people use :thumb:
  4. ... And gives me a nice error when I try to run it about a driver not being found.o_O
  5. Boost

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    Gave me the same error when I tried to install it.
    I cant remember if I restarted when I installed it or not,but I got rid of it quickly because of this very reason.
  6. Huh, I didn't notice that. Still, I would tend to assume "security expert" means something around here.

    Edit: also Comodo has no Win2k support. ;)
  7. And another one: GeSWall. Interesting, this, I think I'll give it a try.
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    Hi, just choose from these:

    Comodo FW Defence Plus( free)
    Online armor ( has free n paid versions)
    Malware Defender( paid)

    IMO these are the only viable options ATM in classical HIPS.
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  9. Well according to leak tests Dynamic Security Agent absolutely sucks, so... Online Armor for Win2k it is. :D Thanks guys.
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    i tested D.S.A so many times and to tell you that this app is very good at protecting the system and i personally dont beleve all this testers says 100%
    in my own malware test it scores very high and with new(one day old malware)for example;) DSA is free and maybe better than any paid apps
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    This product really isn't a hips in the truest sense. It's more like a policy based sandbox. The only hips type popup you will encounter is if you want to isolate the app in its virtual policy based sandbox. This security app is more like a cross between SBIE and DW.

  12. IceCube1010

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    I really loved this program but had issues with it when Vista came out with sp1 and it stopped working. :'(


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    Did you use Firewall with DSA, and wich one do you recommend?

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