Comodo Firewall v3 VS Online Armor

Discussion in 'other firewalls' started by Ghostcloak, Nov 29, 2007.

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  1. Ghostcloak

    Ghostcloak Registered Member

    Which do you all think is better?
    I used online armor before switching to Comodo.
    What do you think? Personally I think Comodo V3 has more features..:thumb:
  2. StephanePompougnac

    StephanePompougnac Registered Member

    I think Comodo v3 is better than OA

    Comodo v3 seems fairly light more than OA (Bootime, CPU usage)

    And It has more advanced HIPS

    So I like comodo
  3. Vettetech

    Vettetech Former Poster

    Keep Online Armor. I had Comodo 3 and its way too touchy with 100 different settings. Online Armor is lighter then Comodo. I used both of them for a week and settled on Online Armor.
  4. Peter2150

    Peter2150 Global Moderator

    Curious what you hope to accomplish with this. You asked and answered your own question, and so far have two opposing opinions. 50 more posts will be along the same line.

    Test them both pick the one you like and be happy.
  5. Vettetech

    Vettetech Former Poster

    Ok one draw back about Online Armor is a 10 sec wait at your welcome screen. No biggie to me. One draw back about Comodo is it watches over everything you do and bugs you about pending files. So would you rather have alittle longer boot up or would you rather have a pita of a firewall.
  6. clocks

    clocks Registered Member

    While I like them both, they both seem to nag a lot.
  7. Perman

    Perman Registered Member


    Both are good or shall we say, excellent products. Period.

    One thing for sure is that you just CAN NOT keep both. Therefore

    Test them with your own machine to see which one is better and is accepted by your box's configurations. Tomorrow's new settings may yield a different results, believe me.

    Is MacDonald's Big Mac better or Burger King's Whopper ? You be the judge. Take care.
  8. Pedro

    Pedro Registered Member

    Comparing in terms of what? Features? Mainly firewall? Which is easier?
  9. feniks

    feniks Registered Member

    Actually I think it just opposite. Advantage. Read here and here.

    I think same is with startup, OA is just doing its job, protecting. :)
  10. dNor

    dNor Registered Member

    Once I finally got OA's trial up and running (continually had 'registration' errors) I wasn't too fond of it.

    But really, like others have said, both are going to have their advantages and fans. Choose what you like most and be happy.
  11. Vettetech

    Vettetech Former Poster

    What trial? I downloaded Online Armor free and it installed and set up in minutes.
  12. Ghostcloak

    Ghostcloak Registered Member

    Asking for other opinion that is all. Just want to know that I made the right decision!:)
  13. Clweb

    Clweb Registered Member

    I was using OA, but noticed too much CPU use. It also slowed down my high speed DSL.
    Installed Comodo 3.0: my DSL speed is constant and high again, and the CPU use reduced to a minimum.
  14. MikeNash

    MikeNash Security Expert

    :oops: We've fixed that for next release :)
  15. Joliet Jake

    Joliet Jake Registered Member

    Both appear to be excellent products. Kudos to both teams of developers and their beta testers.

    It then comes down to personal preference and how each product performs on your machine.

    I personally haven't used OA but have used V2.4 and am using V3 of Comodo and I'm happy enough.

    Just had a look at OA's comparison page and if you compare their free version with their paid for version then you are missing out on a few features.

    Comodo on the other hand gives you the fully featured software for no fee whatsoever which does help swing it for me!
  16. subset

    subset Registered Member

    Serious question!

    To compare in real-time I decided to install both simultaneously on my PC.
    This was a hard piece of work.
    Especially Defense + with Online Banking Mode seemed not to chime together very well.
    However, I was able and willing.
    After 72 hours without sleep I can open up the windows explorer within 20 minutes. Success!
    As you can see, you do not have to choose, take up the challenge and take both.
    Safty First!

  17. MikeNash

    MikeNash Security Expert

    Subset, I know that there is at least one office full of people laughing at this post..... I hope the Comodo guys are having a chuckle over this too :)
  18. disinter1

    disinter1 Guest

    My vote for Comodo here, yeah there's bugs to be sorted out and they will be fix in due, plus they listen to their users and continue to make things better, plus the features in the firewall are paid features in other firewalls, so there's a couple of reasons I'm sticking with Comodo.:D
  19. Hairy Coo

    Hairy Coo Registered Member

    Maybe for the benefit of the Forum-you could enlighten us with your reasons for stating it has more advanced HIPS.
  20. Coolio10

    Coolio10 Registered Member

    Follow the posts of people complaining of too many popups :D.
  21. Hairy Coo

    Hairy Coo Registered Member

    Good joke-:D still would like an answer from SP
  22. alex_s

    alex_s Registered Member

    The features .. This is not a problem to make a lot of features, the problem is to remove features and stay safe. Ideally s/w should not have any features, but just do its job with a minimum human interaction. I'm for OA here. It is more intellectual, less annoying and according to diffrent (not only matousec) tests is very safe.
  23. alex_s

    alex_s Registered Member

    Yor are right, current version is heavy on CPU when network is highly loaded. But the last beta is just a rocket. It takes almost no CPU under 100mbit full load (tested with LAN) and also no difference in network speed with and w/o OA.
  24. combo

    combo Registered Member

    O.A has no Vista suppport so I stick with Comodo V3 for now .
  25. despuesvengo

    despuesvengo Registered Member

    I do not know much about firewalls, I am just a home user. And if fact my pc has never been attacked by anybody or any virus, etc.

    So...being just a simple home user...I think in my humble opinion, that softwares work well, not so well, or just do not work depending exclusively ON YOUR PC :D

    I installed Comodo once. And I almost had a heart attack because (and excuse me for my ignorance), it just crashed my system, my access to I uninstalled it. When I was able to turn on again and back to XP internet was present. I fixed it just playing and touching here and there.

    I am saying all this because I read lots of posts not only in this forum. Lots of people are HAPPY with Comodo no matter what version they have in their machine.

    And I also installed Online Armor. And it worked as simple as I installed it.

    So for me, the perfect software is the one which allows ignorant about systems, softwares and work or surf the net not crashing my pc.

    and believe or not, I have installed ZA, Netveda (hard for me to configure), and even Ashampoo Firewall (do not laugh please), and guess what...all of these excellent products just crashed my pc or did not work out of the box.

    At present I am waiting hopefully for next week when OA presents last version with some corrections concerning utorrent/emule and I will uninstall Sygate, this last has been the only soft working smoothly in MY pc.

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