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Discussion in 'other security issues & news' started by x942, Aug 2, 2011.

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  1. x942

    x942 Registered Member

    Just like I said! I can't believe CNET denied it and posted about how they would never allow that into their bundle, yet more and more people are confirming it is MALWARE.

    I say we all boycott CNET from now on. This is insane. CNET = fail.

    EDIT: Have now pulled all of my software from them. Cease and Desist orders work well. :D
  2. Baserk

    Baserk Registered Member

    There are easier ways to shut down a company.
    No idea why CNET chooses such a bizarre way of downsizing
  3. SweX

    SweX Registered Member

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  4. Dermot7

    Dermot7 Registered Member

    " "apologises" for bundling" :

  5. hawki

    hawki Registered Member

    Cnet Apologizes for Nmap Adware Bundling

    Officials at Cnet's site have issued a statement apologizing for bundling the popular open source Nmap security audit application with adware that changed users' search engine and home page to Microsoft properties.

    In its apology, Cnet said that the situation was the result of an oversight.

    "The bundling of this software was a mistake on our part and we apologize to the user and developer communities for the unrest it caused. In addition to immediately taking Nmap out of the download manager, we reviewed all open source files in our catalog to ensure none are being bundled. It is a policy not to bundle open source software and we will continue to take pains to ensure this does not happen again," Sean Murphy wrote in the statement.
  6. wade7575

    wade7575 Registered Member

    You and the whole CNET Team should be Ashamed of yourselves,I just the stupid Babylontoolbar from your website I download 3 thing's from your website and then bang once there installed I can not do google search's without being redirected to another website.Thanks alot Cnet you guys Rock and are most certainly the best.Oh yes and that was a great try putting up that stupid uninstaller on your website that scans my PC and when it's done want's 39.99 to remove it it seems ike to me you guys a Cnet and the guy's that make that stupid Babylon toolbar have a really scam going on how much is Cnet's cut everytime someone buys that stupid uninstaller.

  7. Dermot7

    Dermot7 Registered Member

    Moonchild (Pale Moon dev) has an interesting take on CNET's new SpotInstall system:
  8. Babylon LTD

    Babylon LTD Registered Member

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  9. guest

    guest Guest

    I have no problem with this business practice by CNET as long as the third-party offerings:
    - aren't obligatory;
    - don't increase the original download size by a sizable margin (unless they are explicitly accepted);
    - can be easily dismissed.

    Thanks from a user who understands the unnoble but essential need of profiting.
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