Chrome Web Store falls to Brazilian whacks

Discussion in 'malware problems & news' started by vasa1, Mar 26, 2012.

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    And, they're right about it. Chromium has no proprietary code. Be it from Google or others. For instance, with Chromium you get no built-in Google PDF reader or no built-in Adobe Flash Player.

    There's also no Google's proprietary updater. And, both being made by Google (although Chromium being an open source project you could very well help the project), doesn't change the fact one is open source and the other is closed source.

    Saying they're the same, is the same as saying COMODO Dragon, CoolNovo, SRWare Iron and whatnot are all the same. They're not the same. They're all built on Chromium. That's it.

    I can create a browser based on Chromium; that won't make it be Chromium, though. I could still make it open source, it still wouldn't be Chromium.

    There was an issue with Google Chrome's RLZ (Google tracking users; more here: -, and that was an issue that never hit Chromium, and simply because they can't add their proprietary stuff on Chromium. ;)

    For instance, and this is just an example, Chromium localizations are not the same as Chrome's...

    So, being made by and being the same, is not the same. :D :)
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    Thanks for pointing that out. :thumb:

    I don't know why, but I always thought the updater was proprietary code.
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    Any part of Chrome that sends or receives data is open source.
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    This is a bit of my Firefox Preferences screen:

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