Chrome allowing unauthorized local storage

Discussion in 'privacy problems' started by shuverisan, Feb 29, 2012.

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  1. shuverisan

    shuverisan Registered Member

    The patch is in Chrome stable QA, should be released early next week.
  2. shuverisan

    shuverisan Registered Member

    I can't update the first post anymore but Chrome stable 17.963.65 is patched and the bug report is marked as fixed. Problem officially solved. :)
  3. Hungry Man

    Hungry Man Registered Member

    Great - thank you for the update.
  4. vasa1

    vasa1 Registered Member

    I'm on Chrome 17.0.963.79 (Ubuntu 11.10). I have specified that cookies from are to be blocked. I make sure cookies from aren't listed in Wrench, Preferences, Under the Hood, Content Settings, All Cookies and Site Data. I also have entered >> block in Manage Exceptions. I close the browser.

    I re-open it and go to - Exit Chrome. Go back to All Cookies and Site Data and see seven cookies listed against

    PS: I have not ticked "Block third-party cookies and site data".
  5. shuverisan

    shuverisan Registered Member

    Hmm, I can't reproduce this on Chromium 19.0.1075.0 but I don't have access to my VMs for a few days to try in Chrome. Maybe do a bug search or report?
  6. vasa1

    vasa1 Registered Member

    I think Chrome 18 (stable) will be okay and that's the milestone: "Labels: -Mstone-17 Mstone-18 Merge-Requested"
  7. caspian

    caspian Registered Member

    Thanks for all of this. I just downloaded and installed the latest versions of Chrome and Chromium.
  8. vasa1

    vasa1 Registered Member

    Not seeing the problem with ver. 18 (stable).
  9. phkhgh

    phkhgh Registered Member

    Seriously, what's so surprising? Google - one of world's worst privacy violators (not an opinion) + Chrome - made by Google.

    Let's see... what business is google in?

    What do people expect? If you walk into a seedy bar, do you expect to find a bus load of Evangelists?
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