Can't mount NTFS drive from dock

Discussion in 'NTFS for Mac & ExtFS for Mac' started by coraline99, Jul 27, 2011.

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  1. coraline99

    coraline99 Registered Member

    I have a handful of *internal* NTFS drives that I've pulled out of various machines, and a Thermaltake BlacX Duet doc. I loaded the trial NTFS software and have been able to read these drives consistently. The trial period expired, and I purchased a license and now I'm getting very inconsistent behavior. I can read a drive, then I eject it from my Mac, *then* pull it out of the dock, I get an error that the drive wasn't ejected properly, and then I can't read the drive again. I loaded the trial software on another computer and was then able to read the drive. I was also able to eject it, and then I could read it on the first computer (with the licensed copy of NTFS software). I've tried rebooting, different cables, different USB ports. Not sure what's at play, but I can't reliably read my drives. Any suggestions? Is it more about the dock?
  2. Mephist

    Mephist Paragon Support

    Hello coraline99,
    please write to Paragon support team. They will try to help you.
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