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Discussion in 'General Returnil discussions' started by chibiM, Apr 3, 2012.

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  1. chibiM

    chibiM Registered Member

    I have problem..please help me..

    one of my computer using RSS2011 shows an error message said that the returnil software is incompatible with windows version (win7 64bit). I can not uninstall it because I need to de-activate returnil virtual mode first (I can't access the GUI)..

    Is there any other way to de-activate Returnil or access the GUI (if the only way to disable returnil is via the GUI)?
  2. Coldmoon

    Coldmoon Returnil Moderator

    That is a strange report and not expected as RSS is compatible with Win 7 64-bit. To investigate this issue and to assist with a solution, we are going to need to take a look at the logs. To that end, please send (email: support (dash) tech (at) returnil (dot) com) us the following reports from the problem computer:

    1. The rvs3.log and rvs3.inst.log files in the following folder:


    2. MSINFO32 report: Click START > RUN > Type MSINFO32. On the System Information screen click FILE > Export and then save the file where you can find it to attach to your support inquiry.

  3. Coldmoon

    Coldmoon Returnil Moderator

    See your support ticket with the following instructions and let me know the results:

    1. Restart your computer in Safe Mode (this will disable the Virtual Mode)
    2. Open "C:\" > "ProgramData" > "Returnil" > "RVS3"
    3. Delete the "RVSYSTEM.RDB" file
    4. Restart the computer in normal Winodws and then check the program for function and stability
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