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Discussion in 'Paragon Drive Backup Product Line' started by Anakunda, Dec 16, 2011.

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  1. Anakunda

    Anakunda Registered Member


    what's exactly the difference between VSS and Patagon Hot Processing?
    I'm using VSS but get often error during backup (can't read VSS data)/ Why? and is the backup done by Paragon Hot Processing as good as VSS? I'm thinking to switch from VSS to Paragon when I get these problems but not sure about that.
    Also what is the PSL command to switch from VSS to Paragon Hot Processing? Didnot find anything about it in the scripting language reference.
  2. seekforever

    seekforever Registered Member

    There can be various issues that will cause VSS problems but for your error it very well could be a bad sector on the disk.

    Run chkdsk X: /r on all partitions on the disk. Replace the X with the drive letter of the partition being checked. Then try it again. A typically better test than chkdsk is to download the disk diagnostic program from the drive manufacturer, Western Digital, Seagate, Samsung, etc, and run it. Their tests are usually more stringent than chkdsk.

    VSS is Volume Shadow Services and is a Microsoft component. My friend has a machine that doesn't work with VSS but works fine with the Paragon hot imaging mechanism so he uses it without any problems. However, I'd certainly check the disk first rather than just go to the Paragon method. A bad sector or sectors can mean the drive is failing and if it is, then it is going to get worse not better.
  3. cincinnatijack

    cincinnatijack Registered Member

    I use the Paragon Hot Processing regularly without any problems. VSS is temperamental and the only way to fix it, when it is not working, is by using the Microsoft FixIt program and fixing the "Recycle Bin is corrupted" item.

    You can find the Microsoft FixIt program here:

    Hot Processing control in the script is done with the following commends:

    hotbackup lockimpossible -Uses Hot Processing when lock is impossible
    hotbackup optinal -Optionally uses Hot Processing
    hotbackup always -Always uses Hot Processing
    hotbackup never -Never uses Hot Processing​
  4. Anakunda

    Anakunda Registered Member

    Interesting, I don't get any errors with Paragon Hot Processing too.
    I don't suppose it's a bad sector (hope so). The HDD was at service bacause of bad sectors and was completely replaced by new one (now about 4 months in usage), but I give a try to deep check though I belive it`s in good condition.
  5. Anakunda

    Anakunda Registered Member

    I have checked the system drive for errors by HD TUne Pro and as expected it found no problems.

    I'm observing problems with VSS often, either read error mentioned above or the VSS service even can't be started by Paragon:

    This service only worked whan I started it manually before running Paragon backup. Paragon HotProcessing never failed for me. The question is if Hot Processing gives at least as accurate image as VSS. If the answer is yes, I see no reason to choose VSS anymore. Maybe someone from Paragon could resolve this?
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