Cannot browse shares on my XP Pro system.

Discussion in 'other software & services' started by Close_Hauled, Dec 26, 2007.

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  1. Close_Hauled

    Close_Hauled Registered Member

    A long time ago I made a change to my XP Pro system that stopped people from being able to browse its shares. I am not talking about hidden shares, I am talking about regular shares. I can access the shares just fine. I set it up so that you had to enter in the computer name and the share explicitly in order to find it. I forgot what that change was and I am hoping that someone can refresh my memory.
  2. GlobalForce

    GlobalForce Regular Poster

    I had trouble pinpointing your request Close. Perhap's one of these will jog you're memory.

    Possibly -

    Administrator page at mit -

    More -

    Page search "share" here -

    One more -

    "Computer browser service" ring any bell's?

  3. Close_Hauled

    Close_Hauled Registered Member

    Thanks, that did the trick. I remember what I did. I removed users from permissions to access the system remotely. But Simple File Sharing was still on (MIT article that you posted). I think this is the combo that allowed me to do what I was doing. All I needed to do was return the permissions to my account.

    I was having problems getting my new Mac to connect to the XP machine. It could see it, but was denied permission to log in. My Vista machine however did not have any issues when I explicitly told it what share to use. It could never browse, but that is what I wanted.

    Now I can browse all of my shares on all machines. What I need to check next is whether or not anyone can. I have another laptop that I can try that with.

    I believe that if you don't have rights to it, you should be able to see it. It is an old habit that I picked up from my NetWare days
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