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Discussion in 'ESET Smart Security v3 Beta Forum' started by cookie1977, Nov 2, 2007.

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  1. cookie1977

    cookie1977 Registered Member

    I'm getting this error and I cant fix it. Anyone any ideas?

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  2. Kosak

    Kosak Registered Member


    which programs start up with NOD?
  3. cookie1977

    cookie1977 Registered Member

    Thanks for replying. The following programs startup:

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  4. Kosak

    Kosak Registered Member

    Do you know what is X1?
  5. ASpace

    ASpace Guest

    1. Download fresh new ESET product version from where you got your version from (I strongly recommend that you download Eset Smart Security)
    2. Uninstall your current version from Control Panel -> Add/Remove programs
    3. Reboot the computer when prompted
    4. Delete manually these folders:

    - C:\Documents and Settings\All users\Application data\Eset
    - C:\Documents and Settings\your user\Local Settings\Application data\Eset

    5. Please , uninstall COMODO Firewall and reboot
    6. Install ESET Smart Security and update it :thumb:
  6. cookie1977

    cookie1977 Registered Member

    x1 is a desktop search engine. ( have been using it for years and never have had issues with it.

    Does the service EhttpSvr have to be started?

    I find mine wont start and I'm wondering if I have a service it needs turned off. I've previously used blackvipers ( settings to reduce the number of services starting. Prior to installing this version 3.0551 I had nod32 2.7AV installed with no problems along side comodo. I'm not sure I want to use smart suite as I prefer not having all my eggs in one basket and comodo has previously worked nicely with nod32.

    What services are needed for Nod32 version 3 can anyone tell me?

    Thanks HiTech_Boy and Lukus K.
  7. tiinkka

    tiinkka Registered Member

    What do you see when you click on "setup" in main menu?

    Is the email protection or web access protection disabled? or both

    to hit configure shows you more

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  8. cookie1977

    cookie1977 Registered Member

    web and email protection are enabled

    The system is set to maximum compatibility (i'm using outlook 2003 and windows live mail)

    Pop3 is enabled

    I've told eset what the email clients are as well

    Http checking is enabled too
  9. The Nodder

    The Nodder Registered Member

    Are your schedules stopped, that will do what you are getting, I stopped all my schedules got just that.

    however, that may not be your problem, but check anyway.
  10. cookie1977

    cookie1977 Registered Member

    Hi The Nodder. Well they were all running and i was getting the error so i deactivated them all and still got the same error.
  11. ASpace

    ASpace Guest

    Ok , then simply follow the procedure but re-install EA only (not ESS) . However , reinstall COMODO after EA is installed
  12. MasterTB

    MasterTB Registered Member

    I believe It is a conflict between Comodo and Eset. The new Web filter in NOD V3 checks HTTP and POP3 via an internal proxi so the traffic is rerouted to it and it creates a conflict between the firewall trying to control traffic and the Webfilter.
    I know because it happened to me, the only solution I found was to reinstall windows, there is no choice, once NOD is unable to create the proxi its all lost.
  13. cookie1977

    cookie1977 Registered Member

    This could be the problem. I wont be able to re install windows as I'm living in New Zealand without my installation disc. If i come up with another solution I'll post it. Thanks to everyone so far and if anyone has any other ideas. I'm listening!
  14. oldshep

    oldshep Registered Member

    This is the most interesting subject for me - as there have been several threads on the firewall and http scanner over the last 7 months of beta development with very few issues resolved including in RC1.

    I will withhold judgement until after the final release is public. But it seems to me that ESET shouldn't make customers choose between their preferred firewall and EAV 3.0.
  15. cookie1977

    cookie1977 Registered Member

    I've spent the whole day uninstalling and reinstalling eset av and eset smart suite (as in I've tried both separately).

    I've used ccleaner, pctools registry mechanic and wise registry cleaner. I've deleted all eset folders and removed comodo firewall and gone through the registry and removed any references to comodo and eset. And I still cant get either eset av or eset smart suite to work properly. Everything on my computer works perfectly well.

    I've reinstalled nod 32 2.7 along with comodo firewall and everythings back to normal running smoothly. As i stated earlier I dont have my windows cd with me to reinstall windows. (I do feel that if this is the problem it seems overkill to just get one program to work). I hope for eset sake this is a one off in terms of the problem I'm having or else they may have a lot of frustrated customers on their hands.

    I'll keep trying to get either the av or the smart suite to work and I'll let you know. But to be honest I'm happy with the current nod32 2.7 protection alongside comodo and am getting tired of restarting the laptop! Oh well I'll persevere and post if i get lucky.
  16. tiinkka

    tiinkka Registered Member

    up until this morning i had the same configuration as you speak of ( but no proxy or email client) and had no problems. today i installed online armors free firewall as it has been around a couple of weeks now and is geting good reviews.
    This might be an option if your`e not devoted to comodo.
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