C:\Windows\temp is growing up !

Discussion in 'Other ESET Home Products Beta' started by EmpereurZorg, Jan 12, 2010.

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  1. Marcos

    Marcos Eset Staff Account

    It will be fixed in the release version 4.2.
  2. Brummelchen

    Brummelchen Registered Member

    I am wondering about this relic of Win98
    >> C:\Windows\temp

    Pls explain!

    Starting with NT4 and a straight user separation with profiles any temp-file
    is located here

    \Documents and Settings\<user>\Lokale Einstellungen\Temp\
    \Dokumente und Einstellungen\<user>\Lokale Einstellungen\Temp\

    Nor the PATH variable ist set up this way by default.
    so must be a tweak!

    Nevertheless i can not confirm that behavior with EAV 4.2, Win7 32bit
  3. Marcos

    Marcos Eset Staff Account

    %SYSTEMROOT%\TEMP is the default system temp folder on all NT-based system I've seen.
  4. gisuck

    gisuck Registered Member

    It all depends on which part of the environment variables you want to look at. While it is true that the user environment variables point to your user profile temp directory, the system environment variables still points to the windows temp folder.

    So, you can probably deduce that ESET uses the system environment variable instead of the user environment variable on storing the temp files.

    Hope that clears things up for you.
  5. Leschy

    Leschy Registered Member

    Can confirm, bug is fixed in version 4.2.35. Question: When will be a German version released?
  6. simexi

    simexi Registered Member

    Using 4.2.35 / Win7 x64.

    While downloading stuff with JDownloader temp grows...:'(
  7. Leschy

    Leschy Registered Member

    Yes of course, but after closing your dl-manager and browser all .tmp files will be deleted.
  8. simexi

    simexi Registered Member

    I KNOW THAT!!! :D

    But it is annoying coz I'm usually out of space.. :'(
  9. Marcos

    Marcos Eset Staff Account

    That's an expected behavior. Files being downloaded are going through web protection first which saves them in the temp folder so that the file can be scanned for threats. If you mind that, exclude the download manager from content filtering.
  10. simexi

    simexi Registered Member

    Yep. Thank you. Works fine now. :D :D :D
  11. Webby

    Webby Registered Member

  12. r3vange

    r3vange Registered Member

    Thanks a bunch guys, I've been banging my head against the wall with all of the disc space disappearing. So is it safe to delete the HTT*** files in the \temp directory once in a while?
  13. Searinox

    Searinox Registered Member

    Same problem on win7 64bit with 4.0.474. Thanks to finding this thread I was at last able to find out what had been filling my windows temp folder with over 7GB worth of HTT*** files. I have now disabled HTTP checking and they are no longer being created. No download managers, just Firefox.
  14. Leschy

    Leschy Registered Member

    Why don't you just upgrade to version 4.2?
  15. Kona

    Kona Registered Member

    I noticed this problem last week on my machine when I was running an earlier version of 4.2 - I've updated to and it's still happening, any ideas on when this will be fixed, ESET?
  16. Leschy

    Leschy Registered Member

    do you have the problem, that .tmp files would not be deleted or that .tmp would be created at all?
  17. Kona

    Kona Registered Member


    I have to use Unlocker to get rid of the files, rebooting does nothing and it fills my HDD within a couple of days.
  18. Leschy

    Leschy Registered Member

    Both? Thats sounds strange. Maybe this folder is read only? As I said, I had the same problem, but with version 4.2. all created .tmp files will be deleted after closing firefox. which browser do you use?
  19. Kona

    Kona Registered Member

    Hi :)

    I usually use Firefox but I've switched to Chrome to see if it was Firefox causing the problem. After a couple of days my C:\Windows\Temp directly started filling up again, we have started to see this on client's PC's too.
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