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Discussion in 'sandboxing & virtualization' started by the_sly_dog, Feb 6, 2012.

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  1. the_sly_dog

    the_sly_dog Registered Member

  2. kakaka

    kakaka Registered Member

    Thanks for info. 4.01 Now.
  3. Montmorency

    Montmorency Registered Member

    BufferZone Pro has been free since the beginning of 2011.
  4. operamail

    operamail Registered Member

    It's free since the Christmas of 2010.:rolleyes:
  5. Cruise

    Cruise Registered Member

    I downloaded and installed it yesterday. Other than a very noticeable slow-down in loading webpages I really like BZ Pro. Unlike most other light virtualizing apps, BZ Pro's buffer-zone can be unloaded without having to reboot!!! I also like the feature that allows you to take a backup snapshot of everything in the buffer-zone which can be restored at a later time.

    I believe BZ Pro has more (useful) user-options than typically found in such apps. A very nice user-manual is available as well as a user-forum. I think this program has lots of promise (especially now that it's freeware)!

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  6. waters

    waters Registered Member

    The slow-down in loading webpages is the reason i dont use it.I had no problem with previous versions
  7. taleblou

    taleblou Registered Member


    It seems any software with HIPS or firewall drivers will be incompatible with bufferzone? I am using bufferzone pro now but it seems I can not use programs like comodo, Rising antivirus, Unthrust etc.. and any antivirus with hips and firewalls. I only found the only ones that do work are emsisoft, AVAST.
  8. Kees1958

    Kees1958 Registered Member

  9. TheMozart

    TheMozart Former Poster

    Yep using it now :thumb:

    But I have one request of others to test.

    Load IE and then load CCleaner at the same time. When you run an "ANALYZE" in ccleaner it says only 2 files are available to clean from IE, datvirtual.Ink

    But then if you choose "RUN CLEANER" in Ccleaner, it shows many files from the IE browsing that were cleaned out of the IE folder on C:.

    But how is that possible if all the files during an IE browsing session should not be in the normal IE folder, but rather in the BufferZone sandbox?

    Anyone explain this?:blink:
  10. bo elam

    bo elam Registered Member

    When you run IE in Buffer Zone, BZ places files on your real system as "untrusted" and it also creates a copy in C/Virtual. This files will run in the virtual zone unless you change their status to trusted.

  11. TheMozart

    TheMozart Former Poster

    I didn't fully understand what you said Bo, but thanks :D

    So my IE browsing is safe and nothing gets written outside of the sandbox, even if ccleaner claims there are files outside the sandbox?
  12. bo elam

    bo elam Registered Member

    Some files are written outside of C/Virtual but they are labeled untrusted. Untrusted files can not make changes to your system. You should learn about trusted/untrusted files.

    I have never used or tried BZ as I am very, very happy with SBIE. Never had a reason to look elsewhere but as I understand it that's how BZ does things.

  13. Baedric

    Baedric Registered Member

    I have used it in the past, and it was working well until I started getting BSOD's. I ended up dumping it for SD. I hope you have better luck with it than I did.
  14. TheMozart

    TheMozart Former Poster

    Does SBIE allow you to select folders or drives to keep locked so no other programs can access them?
  15. TheMozart

    TheMozart Former Poster

    Bob, when in the past did you use Bufferzone pro? What version was it? What year?
  16. kjdemuth

    kjdemuth Registered Member

    Yes it does. You can restrict any folder and drive that you want. You can limit what is able to run in a folder or if it can access the internet.
  17. TheMozart

    TheMozart Former Poster

    Even the free version?

    And if Sandboxie didn't freeze up and crash my W7 when I am running 10+ video windows, then I may still be using it, but that's why I began using BufferZone because it doesn't freeze up or crash on me like Sandboxie does! In fact, NOTHING HAS EVER frozen or crashed my W7 besides Sandboxie.

    And I like BZ a lot better anyway:)
  18. kjdemuth

    kjdemuth Registered Member

    Yeah even the free version. The only difference is you can't automatically force programs to start in a sandbox and can't have multiple sandboxes.
  19. bo elam

    bo elam Registered Member

    Yes, you can block files and folders from being accessed by programs that are running in the sandbox, even in the free version. Read, File Access > Blocked Access.


  20. Baedric

    Baedric Registered Member

    I believe it went free shortly after I installed it. It must have been around January or Febuary of 2011 and probably version 3.41 although I don't remember for sure. It could have been an earlier version than 3.41.
    It worked great for a little while then the bsod's began and I ended up uninstalling BZ, which resolved the problem.
  21. kjdemuth

    kjdemuth Registered Member

    I don't believe that its developed much. I received a beta testing for it 6 months ago but haven't heard anything else.
  22. TheMozart

    TheMozart Former Poster

    What programs did you install AFTER you installed BZ?

    What OS were you using at the time?

    And what exactly did you do just before the bsod appeared?

    And I have never gotten a bsod using BZ.
  23. Scoobs72

    Scoobs72 Registered Member

    BZ was awful on my system. Huge slowdowns to the extent that chrome was unusable, mouse scrolling stopped working, several other problems. It's the only security software I've ever tried that had such poor compatibility. I would have turned to their forum for help, but it was a ghost town there. It's a shame because it has some nice features, but it's borderline abandon-ware and the forum has been taken over by spammers.
  24. Baedric

    Baedric Registered Member

    I added it to a fresh system with all my normal software already installed on Windows 7. I don't recall exactly what I was doing that long ago right before it happened but as I recall I was unable to boot into windows afterwards and had to restore from an image. Sorry my info is sketchy but it was a while ago.
    I am glad it is going well for you!
  25. TheMozart

    TheMozart Former Poster

    When did you install it?
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