Browser: Sandboxed or not?

Discussion in 'polls' started by emperordarius, Jun 19, 2008.


Do you run your browser Sandboxed or not?

  1. Yes, always

    70 vote(s)
  2. Yes, often

    29 vote(s)
  3. Yes, sometimes

    28 vote(s)
  4. Yes, rarely

    13 vote(s)
  5. No, never

    71 vote(s)
  6. What's a sandbox?

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  1. emperordarius

    emperordarius Registered Member

    Do you run your browser Sandboxed or not?
    If yes, mention which Sandbox you use.
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  2. dw426

    dw426 Registered Member

    Well, to be honest, I ALWAYS sandbox IE7. I've gotten away somewhat from sandboxing Firefox, simply due to always bookmarking websites, updating add-ons and all that. It was becoming a hassle. I feel with NoScript and AdBlock Plus I am pretty safe. I use Sandboxie by the way.
  3. Osaban

    Osaban Registered Member

    Most of the time I do with DeepFreeze which is not exactly a sandbox but achieves the same results. Lately having FD-ISR Rescue I use one of the snapshots as a sandbox although I feel somewhat more protected with DeepFreeze running as well.
  4. PiCo

    PiCo Registered Member

    I was planning to use a sandboxed firefox to avoid getting trojans and stuff by my father's browsing habbits, but now I too find myself to always browse sandboxed Lol.

    It gives me great confidence, I have become a happy clicker!

    edit://Oh, I use SandboxIE!
  5. Peter2150

    Peter2150 Global Moderator

    I sandbox all browsers using Sandboxie. No problems with Firefox add ons. Just a configuration issue. I also have the browsers set to RunSafer with Online Armor.

  6. emperordarius

    emperordarius Registered Member

    Yeah I know DeepFreeze, but that's good when you haven't got to deal with new programs often and documents. But it's good when you want to do "experiments" :D
  7. acr1965

    acr1965 Registered Member

    Does running IE7 in "protected mode" on Vista count as a sandbox?
  8. emperordarius

    emperordarius Registered Member

    I don't think so:)
  9. sukarof

    sukarof Registered Member

    I answered "Yes rarely"
    I dont feel I need a sandbox since I run Vista UAC SRP and firefox with noscript.
    Sometimes I test sandboxies just for the fun of it (the las one I tried was Safespace)
    I have Sandboxie installed, but inactivated, if I feel I want to test something that i know is malicious (that is the only time I encounter malware)
  10. WSFuser

    WSFuser Registered Member

    No sandbox here.
  11. Long View

    Long View Registered Member

    No sandbox

    I do use Retunil or deepfreeze or shadow defender when going to unknown sites
    but rely mainly on Shadow Protect/Acronis to get me out of a mess should I ever run into a nasty.

    A hardware firewall + Firefox and a few add ons is enough security for me.
  12. HURST

    HURST Registered Member

    Yes, always. Sandboxie.
  13. ErikAlbert

    ErikAlbert Registered Member

    I run IE and FF constantly as an untrusted application in DefenseWall and DW locks also my data partition. It doesn't really matter to me, if I do this with Defensewall or Sandboxie. Isolating malware or making malware harmless is the same to me as long the malware doesn't execute itself.
    Any mistake of DW or SB is removed anyway during reboot, so it won't stay permanently on my system.
    DW or SB have only one thing to do, save the period between two reboots and that's all I ask from any security software on my system.
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  14. SteveTX

    SteveTX Registered Member

    Would anyone here be surprised that sandboxing does not prevent getting hacked at all?
  15. LoneWolf

    LoneWolf Registered Member

    Off Topic

    Oh oh, there's a salesman at the door. :rolleyes:

    Back On Topic

    Yes, with Sandboxie. :thumb:
  16. Doodler

    Doodler Registered Member

    IE7 is always sandboxed on my system. Sandboxie all the way here. Created sandboxed web links and put them on my desktop that make going directly to my favorite sites within Sandboxie even easier.
  17. Firebytes

    Firebytes Registered Member

    I don't use a sandbox but I have Returnil on almost anytime I am on the internet and most of the time when I am not.
  18. Mrkvonic

    Mrkvonic Linux Systems Expert


    Would you be surprised that either way does not matter - you simply don't get hacked, at all?

    OT, no sandbox, no need.

  19. wat0114

    wat0114 Guest

    Tried it a while back, liked it, then soon realized it's, at least for my surfing habits, a complete waste of time and resources. Presently and for the foreseeable future...never.
  20. ErikAlbert

    ErikAlbert Registered Member

    OT is a nice abbreviation, it means On Topic and Off Topic, very handy. Was this post OT or OT ? ;)
  21. twl845

    twl845 Registered Member

    I run FF sandboxed with Sandboxie 95% of the time. Once in a while I'll skip it if I'm just going to visit a place like this.
  22. ErikAlbert

    ErikAlbert Registered Member

    If Wilders is still marked green by SiteAdvisor, I also visit Wilders sometimes without sandbox, but only in special occasions. Normally I keep FF sandboxed, when I visit Wilders. Wilders has too many knowledgeable people and it is in theory possible that one of them changes into a bad guy ... :D
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  23. The Hammer

    The Hammer Registered Member

    No sand box here. That darned sand just gets everywhere.;)
  24. cortez

    cortez Registered Member

    Sandboxed with "SandboxIE" and also running "Returnil" together.

    A good combination for exploring the net in my experience.
  25. 12fw

    12fw Registered Member

    A secure browser does not need a sandbox.