BitDisk - anybody heard about it?

Discussion in 'sandboxing & virtualization' started by ichito, Apr 21, 2012.

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  1. ichito

    ichito Registered Member

    one of my collegues few days ago suggested new for me program to's called BitDisk Free. I never heard about it and decided to search some this way I found 3 version of BitDisk
    BitDisk Free - v.
    and BitDisk Pro - v. 6.0.2
    BitDisk 7 - v. 7.0.2
    I would ask you...anyone have some information or experience with this apps?
    I try the free version, but I was afraid to finish the installation...required a reboot...and I have some screenshots from "two-ways creator":
    quick method
    Panorama_quick method.jpg
    step-by-step method
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  2. woomera

    woomera Registered Member

    well i havent heard of it but im also curious how good it is...
  3. looks quite interesting but want more data and reliable testing . I for one will not rely on their marketing and press media.
  4. kupo

    kupo Registered Member

    Images from Softpedia -

    The latest release seems to date back to 2010.
    EDIT: Maybe someone using VMs could test it? :D
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  5. ichito

    ichito Registered Member

    It's true...I noticed in my lap the new big file (ca 5,4 GB) and it looks this file was such "container" - it called a little strange $udjour$.$$$. Its size was deffault 30% (see screenshot with slider) but I don't know what impact does this amount of the work program.
  6. kupo

    kupo Registered Member

    Did you try it yet? (Install a program, reboot and see if it cleans up?) :D
  7. ichito

    ichito Registered Member

    No...not yet skudo :) I don't know why but i don't trust BD...container was made before rebooting. Im waiting for someone more brave :D
  8. kupo

    kupo Registered Member

    I'll try it if I still have my Virtual Box installed. LOL. :D
  9. pirej

    pirej Registered Member

    I installed in virtualbox win7x64, and after first reboot bitdisk was disabled, and nothing happened when clicking on "enable", only "buy now" worked :)
  10. kupo

    kupo Registered Member

    Maybe it's because it's installed in a virtual machine? Hmm.. Maybe I'll try it in my old desktop. lol.
    I'm kinda interested since there's a few bunch that offers free virtualization.
  11. coen99

    coen99 Registered Member

    Just contacted the developer and asked him to join us at this thread.
    Wait and see :cool:
  12. buckslayr

    buckslayr Registered Member

    Can you commit files to the real system with BitDisk?
  13. kupo

    kupo Registered Member

    No one tested it yet, lol.
  14. coen99

    coen99 Registered Member

    As I stated earlier I contacted the developer of BitDisk and asked him to joins us and/or react on our natural paranoia towards unknown software :cool:

    I just got a mail from him:
    If you dive a little bit more in the company they seem legit.
    I will it try this week o_O
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  15. QuickTermWest

    QuickTermWest Registered Member

    Hello wilders security forum,

    today I have created this account for our company QuickTerm West.
    Because here are some question about our product BitDisk, I can reply directly.
    You all are interested in BitDisk, but on the other hand you dont trust bitdisk,
    Therefore, I have a sketch that describes the functions of bitdisk and i have translated into English.
    Perhaps you'd be interested in the sketch or it can take off some of your fear.
    Here is the sketch:

    Best regards

    Bastian Zweinig
  16. ichito

    ichito Registered Member

    Hi QuickTermWest :) Nice to see you and to read your info...but you shouldn't be surprised that we are careful and even don't trust apps that are unknown. We are talking about security...right? ;)
    Could you explain more clearly how are differences among version free (5), Pro (6) and 7?
  17. kupo

    kupo Registered Member

    Thank you for joining us here :D. It's normal here that unknown apps doesn't get trusted easily, but now that you've joined us, it will reduce that anxiety.
  18. Securit

    Securit Registered Member

    I am also interested in this software. Hopefully, someone will test it out for us! :)
  19. Securit

    Securit Registered Member

    Thank you QuickTermWest for joining the forum and providing more information about your company and software product! I look forward to learning more about BitDisk.
  20. Yanick

    Yanick Registered Member

    Excellent, i am also happy too see official person from Bitdisk here :) Welcome!
    Looking forward to use this security app! :thumb:
  21. QuickTermWest

    QuickTermWest Registered Member


    it is true. Safety is one of the most important aspects in the IT area, by inattention the operating system could/will be damaged, the privacy can be spied or in the in the worst case hardware can take damage.
    Most computer users dont care about the security of their data or their pcs, unfortunately.
    The idea of our programm BitDisk is: If a virus, trojan, worm, etc. come on the pc this parasite will be removed at next time the system reboot - because the original status of windows will be restored.

    i will explain now the differences between the three existing BitDisk versions:

    BitDisk Free, is a unlimited Demoversion - but the functions are limited. So it is not possible to set/change the passwort or to choose the protect options "journal" and "mirror" while installing BitDisk Free Version. And the option "apply changes" cant be used, so you will need to restart to put the protection off - than you could do the the changes and after that you must restart again to put the protection on again. While in options "apply changes" all changes in the current windows session will be saved, without restarting.

    BitDisk 7 and BitDisk Pro have unlimited functions - it could be used all functions. Operatively they do the same work, but the GUI (graphical user interface) is complete different. I would prefer BitDisk Pro because i know BitDisk and how to handle it and BitDisk Pro had a smarter interface. Now, i would like to say BitDisk Pro is for peopole who has a good technical knowledge.

    I hope I was able to show/explain differences between the BitDisk versions
    If you have further questions, I will look forward to your questions :)

    best regards

    Bastian Zweinig
  22. TheMozart

    TheMozart Former Poster

    I don't believe BitDisk Free is of any value and a waste of time. You would need to PAY to get all functions needed to restore a system properly.

    Would you trust this program?

    And does it restore your PC at every single boot, no matter what? If so, how do you keep changes? I dont think the freeware version can do it? I think the freeware version is very crippled and not worthy of installing?

    They don't have a COMPARISON chart between the BitDisk 7 FREE and BitDisk 7, so it's impossible to know what the FREE version can do, and cannot do.

    And there doesn't exist a single review on youtube either.
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  23. Tsast42

    Tsast42 Registered Member

    You clearly do not understand the concept of light virtualisation. The intention with all such software whether free or paid is to maintain a system at a fixed baseline. Once you have setup your computer you install the program and enable protection: this locks your system and until protection is disabled again any changes made will be discarded every time you reboot. The purpose of this is twofold: it clears any malware that may have infected the system whilst protection was enabled; further it enables multiple individuals to use the same computer account without any changes made by one person lasting beyond his session, as with a computer in a public library.

    Of course nobody wants everything that they do with their computer to disappear at the end of each day, so there are two primary methods of preserving wanted data: the first is to save changes made (bookmarks, files etc) to a disk other than the protected disk, such as to a secondary partition or a USB drive; for changes that need to be made to the Operating System partition such as when installing new programs you turn off the 'virtual desktop' mode and make your changes, switching the protection back on again once you have finished. To these two the paid and Professional versions of Bitdisk add a third option: to be given the chance in any session to commit the changes made to the disk even though protected mode is active, this effectively copies the work that you have done on the virtual partition to the real hard drive. Of course you need to take care when selecting this option to ensure that you certainly haven't infected your system during that session, otherwise that too will be saved. :ouch:

    In concept such software is somewhat similar to rollback software or restoring afresh from an image every day, with more security and stability than offered by rollback software and without having to wait every morning while your imaging program slowly copies everything back over again. Both the freeware and paid versions look fully useful to those who understand their purpose. Of course light virtualisation isn't for everyone (myself included at present) but there are many on this forum who use such protection as a primary component in their security.

    Yes there is, it's on the Bitdisk Free page and besides he just told you.

    You must be joking.
  24. Kees1958

    Kees1958 Registered Member


    On second thoughts I do no think Bitdisk, TimeFreeze or Returnil are an answer to your problems. It is better to tackle the root of your problems, better to reformat and re-install

    Regards Kees
  25. aladdin

    aladdin Registered Member

    I have been trying the free version for the last few days and it is an excellent program. It seems to be an answer to Shadow Defender.

    Today, when I tried to buy it from the free version, it gave me the following error:


    I also tried to buy it online, but the instructions were in German language.

    I have few questions for the developer dear Mr. QuickTermWest:

    1. How is the implementation of BitDisk in regards to SSD?
    2. What is the activation method. Is it online or offline?
    3. I have four computers, is the software licensed per user meaning that can I use it on all my four computers (not family member)?
    4. What is the upgrade policy?
    5. Does it protects the MBR?
    6. See below?

    Why you prefer BitDisk PRO over BitDisk 7?

    Best regards,

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