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Discussion in 'other firewalls' started by ultim, Oct 12, 2011.

  1. Mr. Y

    Mr. Y Registered Member

    If you ever put in a "real time" firewall log as good as "Tiny Firewall", then I will try out your "TinyWall"!
  2. Volare

    Volare Registered Member

    Hi All,

    I'm a new user of Tinywall and I'm impressed. Congratulations to the developer :thumb: Windows 7 Firewall is meant to be a pretty good firewall, so I thought, why not use it and install a good front-end app like Tinywall to improve it further. I've also tested WFN, which is another good value-add to W7 Firewall.

    There's limited information online on how to use Tinywall, or recommended practises. I'd like to know what everyone's thoughts are on how to best use Tinywall. It does require some manual work to add applications to the exceptions list. This question is also relevant to other firewall users, who may get pop-ups and just click "accept" to allow and then the firewall creates a rule by providing unrestricted oubound and inbound access.

    When adding an exception to Tinywall (or possibly any other firewall), do you often just stick with the default rule which is allow "Unrestricted UDP and TCP traffic"? Or do you occassionally chose to set-up different rule, such as "No Restrictions" (which allows access using any protocol), or maybe even "Allow outgoing UDP and TCP traffic" only? I'm guessing this will all depend on what application/file needs access, but how would you know for the majority of applications (especially various AV files needing access).

    Having tested Windows Firewall Notifier previously, it goes about creating outbound rules only by providing pop-ups for apps/files that need outbound access. It leaves any inbound rules to Windows 7 Firewall to set-up by providing the Windows 7 firewall pop-up. Therefore there's not many inbound rules set-up in your Windows firewall. However after using Tinywall and usually just adding application exceptions by chosing the default to allow "Unrestricted UDP and TCP traffic", I have noticed I have lots of inbound rules set-up in the Windows 7 Firewall. Its beginning to look like a big dog's breakfast. I never used to have so many inbound rules set-up when using WFN.

    Is it better to just provide outbound access to most apps? When adding an exception in Tinywall and if you were to chose "Outbound UDP and TCP traffic", does it create an inbound rule as well to block inbound traffic for the specific app? Or does it create an outbound rule only, which would mean if inbound access was ever required for the specific app, then Windows 7 Firewall should provide you with its own pop-up requesting inbound access?

    How does everyone else go about deciding on how to best set-up their rules? Thoughts?
  3. Undesirable

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    I have Portable Firefox installed in a secure container, and every time I restart my computer it gets blocked and I have to re-add the executable to the whitelist. I've had this issue with every other firewall I've tried, whereby they decide Portable apps inside my container are new applications after each computer restart, despite mounting them on the same drive letter each time. I don't suppose there is any way around this? My only other workaround in other firewalls is to accept trusted applications so it doesn't ask me about them.
  4. mattbiernat

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    How do I configure TinyWall for VPN?
  5. sukarof

    sukarof Registered Member

    I put Tinywall on learning mode while starting OpenVpn application and login. It did not work by "whitelist window".
  6. brainrb1

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    I am using win 8 build 9200 64 bit with TinyWall since a few days any suggestions ?
  7. Syobon

    Syobon Registered Member

    does this works under limited/stadanrd user account?
  8. moontan

    moontan Registered Member

    i think this is what i've been looking for all along! :thumb:

    i'm gonna test this for a few more days but so far so good.

    if i decide to keep it i will certainly donate a few $ to help for the development of TinyWall.
  9. moontan

    moontan Registered Member

    Firefox: built-in rule = works

    Skype portable: "Whitelist by window" = works
    uTorrent portable: "Whitelist by window" = works

    Gibson's Shields Up = All green

    awesomeness! :thumb:
  10. The Red Moon

    The Red Moon Registered Member

    All green at shields up is meaningless.stealthing does not add anymore security to you.
    I dont trust these tests at all.
    It seems to have automated messages about your firewall etc.
    i have tried tinywall and i liked it very much but as long as ports are closed then you are secure.All this stealth nonsense is just marketing lingo.
    Regards.:ninja: :cautious:
  11. moontan

    moontan Registered Member

    closed or stealthed, either way i'm happy with the results.
  12. Aventador

    Aventador Registered Member

    Remember people Shields Up checks your router first. So if your behind a router with NAT it is NOT testing your software firewall.

    Anyone using this figure out how to add "avast.setup" to the out going rules when the exe is not even in the program folder?
  13. moontan

    moontan Registered Member

    tnx for the heads-up Aventador.

    i don't have a router.

    hopefully someone can help you with your Avast issues.
    still, might be worth it to hit the Avast support or forums for some help.

    i've seen your reply in the other thread.
    i still think it's worth a try m8.

    other people surely have come across this problem?!
  14. moontan

    moontan Registered Member

    one issue:

    on my Windows 7 machine i lose my network connection after a reboot or resuming from Sleep.

    i disabled TinyWall from auto-starting at boot but i'd like a better solution if anyone has one.
  15. moontan

    moontan Registered Member

    the situation is not reproducible 100%

    sometimes i reboot and it works fine.
    it seems to unblock automatically if i launch Firefox.
  16. The Red Moon

    The Red Moon Registered Member

    hmm seems to be a bit erratic in its behaviour.I actually tried tinywall and it seemed ok.Im not an expert on configuring these things.
  17. jdd58

    jdd58 Registered Member

    This was a problem previously. Looks like it's back.
  18. moontan

    moontan Registered Member

  19. seedy

    seedy Registered Member

    I have TinyWall installed and I'm having issues trying to use wireless printing (Canon MG5200) which worked without issue when I had a different firewall installed (AVG, subscription now expired).

    I've tried using the Auto Learn feature first > printing > returning to normal mode, which has not helped and I've also tried disabling the firewall completely, again, without success. The issue appears to be the way TinyWall adjusts the settings of the Windows firewall (Win 7).

    I've disabled both firewalls (Windows & Tiny) and the printer does start working again after a minute or so. I've also manually Enabled the Windows Firewall File & Printer sharing settings to allow all traffic but as soon as I re-enable TinyWall, those settings are reset and become Disabled once again, thus blocking the printer communication.

    How can I remedy this please?

    Any help greatly appreciated.
    Thank you.
  20. Yanick

    Yanick Registered Member

    For the Avast issue your having with TinyWall, i had the same thing :) Il try to explain. First keep tinywall's ''manage'' tab open, now open avast and order it to download newest AV signatures, then quickly press detect in tinywall's manage tab, it found the avast.setup for the duration when your trying to update avast AV signatures. Took me 2 times to get it right :D Btw, you can only make detailed changes to avast.setup rule in tinywall when avast is updating, if your trying to make changes to it when your not updating it, it wont work atleast it didnt when i tried it. Had to start the avast update again and then changed from ''unrestricted UDP and TCP Traffic'' to ''allow outgoing UDP and TCP Traffic''. Add's more protection :D

    Hope this help :) sry for the grammar errors :D
  21. Aventador

    Aventador Registered Member

    Thanks Yanick................I will give that a try.
  22. Aventador

    Aventador Registered Member

    It worked. Took a bit. I had to select Manage/Additional Exceptions/Add Application/Select a process. I kept that open while manually updating Avast and "avast.setup" appeared so I selected it and presto. Thanks a million. :D
  23. moontan

    moontan Registered Member

    tnx Yanick!

    i would never have found this myself.
    the documentation is lacking.

    i'm enjoying this little TinyWall so far.
    i'll donate a few $ to the developer when i'm out of the red.
  24. Yanick

    Yanick Registered Member

    Np, glad i could help :)
  25. Kaupp

    Kaupp Registered Member

    Is development of this program still active?