Bad image of huge backup (240GB)

Discussion in 'Acronis True Image Product Line' started by ray08, Aug 12, 2005.

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  1. ray08

    ray08 Registered Member

    I emailed support the following and also want to bring it to this forum:

    "I am trying to do a backup of a disk which has 240GB of data. I split the files to 1492MB so I can place 3 files on a DVD using Nero V6.6. First I create the image on an empty hard drive. It creates 160 files, each 1.45GB in size. When I connect the image files to explore them, everything looks OK. I can see all the directories and files. However, when I try to open the files and use them, they are corrupted. I have tried to access .jpg, .pdf, .mp3 and .dvx (Divx). Text files are OK. I have tried using no compression and normal compression with identical results.

    At work, I have W2K. I tried a backup there (about 12GB total) using a single image file and also splitting it at 1492MB. At work, the mounted image file, in either case, was fully accessible with no signs of corruption (IE, .jpg images were OK, .pdf files opened fine, .mp3 files played)

    At this point, I believe that True Image may have problems with such a huge data disk (240GB). Either that, or my installation of WinXP Pro is corrupt in some way. I have backed up my system (C drive) at home and restored from it twice without any incidents. It is about 1.8GB in size and is located in 1 file, but I am unable to backup the massive data disk. Any ideas?"

    No point in putting on DVD+RW when it can't use the image on the HD.

    My source data drive is PATA (300GB) and the destination image file(s) is(are) on a SATA drive (400GB), both Seagate and almost new, FWIW.
  2. Menorcaman

    Menorcaman Retired Moderator

    Hello ray09,

    It sounds as if you need to update to the latest build. The previous version had a major problem with the Image Explorer module in that files that had been extracted from a mounted image were corrupt. The images themselves were o.k. and could be restored successfully.

    To obtain the latest build for your software, visit, log in to your account and select what you need from the list provided (this assumes that you had previously registered your software with Acronis).

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  3. ray08

    ray08 Registered Member

    Guess I'm losing my memory nowadays. I thought I had upgraded last night. I did do the upgrade at work and then tested it. When I got home and checked the version, I was still on 889, not 903. After creating a new full backup, I was able to fully access all files from the explorer without incident. Now, to burn those 55 DVD+RWs! Ugh!

  4. jmk94903

    jmk94903 Registered Member

    I'm glad that everything is verified now, but 55 DVDs is indeed a super UGH!

    Seriously, wouldn't it make more sense to use another hard drive instead of DVDs for such a large backup. Although 55 DVD+R disks only cost about $40, there's the time to burn so many disks, at least 6 hours. That has to be worth $90, so wouldn't it be more economical to buy another 250GB hard drive for each backup?

    Personally, I'd feel much more confident of a backup to a 250GB hard drive which I could Explore and verify than a backup to 55 DVD disks which you'd have to spend another 6-8 hours to veryify sitting at the computer to swap a disk every 6-10 minutes. In other words, you'll never veryify the image, but on another hard drive, you can just walk away and let the verification complete while you have dinner, sex, watch a movie or walk the dog which ever takes the most time. :)
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