Ax3soft Sax2 4.0 - GAOTD

Discussion in 'other software & services' started by whitedragon551, Mar 5, 2010.

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  1. whitedragon551

    whitedragon551 Registered Member

    Anyone have any experience with this?
  2. SIR****TMG

    SIR****TMG Registered Member

    No Thanks its from a china company
  3. ameyap

    ameyap Registered Member

    i skipped this too just cause its chinese. but the developer is an ex-hacker with a phd in electrical engg (says so on goatd) from america. so at least the developer is good.
  4. whitedragon551

    whitedragon551 Registered Member

    Ignorance is bliss I suppose. What does being Chinese have anything to do with anything?
  5. dw426

    dw426 Registered Member

    It's FUD and discrimination, that's what. It's a pathetic attitude to have. Yes, China is ran by a freedom-smothering government, and, yes, MANY cyber attacks, malware and botnets have originated from there. However, can you truly be sad enough to dismiss software and developers simply because of the country? You know, there's even good people in Iran...shocking, isn't it?
  6. loli22

    loli22 Registered Member

    this is very sad :thumbd:

    it's amazing what a keyboard can reveal

    PRUHDG Registered Member

    I tried it on my host system win 7(with compatibility and run as admin) and it could not detect my network interfaces,then installed it in my vm, xp pro and it works like a charm.
  8. gerardwil

    gerardwil Registered Member

    Guys please stay on topic (Ax3soft Sax2 4.0 - GAOTD) otherwise i am afraid the mods will close it.

  9. whitedragon551

    whitedragon551 Registered Member

    What exactly does it do that a firewall+AV cant do such as the VIPRE AV Premium that I have now? I mean can it seriously be used to supplement for IDS or is it really a waste of time. It seems like a decent software firewall or router firewall would be able to negate the advantages of the software. It also has some packet inspection properties which Wireshark can probably do and some.
  10. kasperking

    kasperking Registered Member

    it was given earlier too by gaotd.....leaves quite a bit on uninstall.....prevx had flagged one of its file whether an fp or not ..i uninstalled
  11. whitedragon551

    whitedragon551 Registered Member

    Anything can get flagged if the AV disagrees with the way the file is packed or encrypted by the program.
  12. kasperking

    kasperking Registered Member

  13. andyman35

    andyman35 Registered Member

    And PrevX 'disagrees' more than most :p
  14. Meriadoc

    Meriadoc Registered Member


    It is what it is, a network monitor.
  15. falkor

    falkor Registered Member

    And Russia was really bad with bad stuff coming out of there . Yet , 2 of the Strongest security products on the market originate there . Nuff said . Might give this one a try .
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