Avira free Antivirus vs Windows defender on windows 8

Discussion in 'other anti-virus software' started by 123blackjack, Apr 28, 2013.

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  1. 123blackjack

    123blackjack Registered Member

    As we know Avira free version does not have email (client) scanning, which i believe the defender real time protection has.. So if i am installing avira free edtion am i downgrading myself?

    Please shed some light.

    Also i am not interested in cloud features of AV products , so protection cloud in avira pro is of no use to me.
  2. TomAZ

    TomAZ Registered Member

    I struggled with the same issue a couple years ago. My search ended when I found Avast Free which does provide email (client) scanning. I average about 350 pieces of email per day and Avast has worked just fine.
  3. guest

    guest Guest

    Eeerr..., I think we're not allowed to discuss this type of discussion. ^_^"

    I don't use Win 8, but I think it's the same as MSE. AFAIK it doesn't have an email scanner, nor does Avira free. If I understand it correctly, email scanner isn't much of use since your AV should scan the email attachments when they're arrived on your PC. IMO it's better to use any AV you want and then use Sandboxie and run your email client software sandboxed. :)
  4. 123blackjack

    123blackjack Registered Member

    So these days email scan is not a necessity as before , since attachments are scanned by all AVs. and the real time protection (on access) too am i right?

    Also how windows 8 mail app attachments are handled is it using the same api that AVs use for scanning attachments (as in outlook)?

    How about cloud scanning ( in panda or avira or any other AV suites) is it actually worth it?
  5. anon

    anon Registered Member

    1) Is there a security risk without Avira AntiVir MailGuard? = As long as Avira AntiVir Guard is active, there is no direct security risk. Moreover, Avira AntiVir MailGuard can remove virulent emails and attachments, before they reach the email program.

    Also here:

    2) A vs B:
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  6. JRViejo

    JRViejo Global Moderator

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