Avast slows down my pc

Discussion in 'other anti-virus software' started by Mike6080919395, Jun 29, 2011.

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  1. Mike6080919395

    Mike6080919395 Registered Member

    I recently installed avast on a brand new OS since it is at the top of 2011 polls for most used anti-virus. The problem I am experiencing, is that it slows my system down alot.
    There is a delay when I first boot up and there is a delay when certain applications are opened. If I am watching a video or listening to actual music, then it will actually freeze that video or music file until the application opens. I never experienced this with my previous install and avira. This is a fresh install, so I am stumped as to why defrag goes from pass 1 to 95% then hangs and why installing avast appears to have broken my windows 7 defragger.

    I have all 8 shields enabled.
  2. markusg

    markusg Registered Member

    its other security software aktive?
  3. Mike6080919395

    Mike6080919395 Registered Member

    malwarebytes 'mbam' and windows 7 firewall in block all mode
  4. RejZoR

    RejZoR Polymorphic Sheep

    I'd say there is something wrong with your system and not with avast!...
  5. JerryM

    JerryM Registered Member

    I used Avast Pro for awhile, and liked it. There was no slow down, and I have MBAM Pro and sometimes SAS Pro real time.

    I don't think that Avast is the problem.

  6. trjam

    trjam Registered Member

    I agree with Jerry, Avast is very light but you obviously have a issue somewhere.
  7. Trooper

    Trooper Registered Member

    Agree. There is something else causing the conflict. I run Avast and have zero issues with it on four different pc's.
  8. gery

    gery Registered Member

    the only problem i have with Avast is that if i want to uninstall it is necessary to do it in safe mode ( windos 7 home premium 64 bit) as it is impossible to do it in normal mode. The rest is perfect here too
  9. The Seeker

    The Seeker Registered Member

    Try excluding avast! from MBAM and vice versa as detailed here.
  10. markusg

    markusg Registered Member

    have you instaled all servicepacks and newest drivers to?
  11. 0strodamus

    0strodamus Registered Member

    Have you created rules to allow avast! to access the internet? Your "block all mode" may be causing avast! to time out trying to connect to the internet which would cause your delays. I imagine that this would be more or less noticeable depending on your avast! settings. Just a thought...
  12. Mike6080919395

    Mike6080919395 Registered Member

    Yeah I created the rules and I have the latest drivers/directx/Home Premium SP1

    Bad install maybe?

    If its not avast, then what steps can I take?

    Here is what is installed on a brand new OS
    -IDM, Avast, MBAM, Steam, Sony Vegas Pro 10, Boilsoft Video Splitter, Boilsoft Video Joiner, Firefox 5, IE 9, Foxit PDF Reader, Adobe Flash, and Video download helper.

    One issue I have always had is...
    When I download a big file no matter what type or extension it slows my pc down alot. Programs that normally open in five seconds tend to take 45 seconds to a minute + to open.
    When I am not downloading the pc operates perfectly.
    Also when my network loses connection my pc hard locks forcing me to manually restart.

    If my cable goes out the whole pc freezes, happens everytime the network is slightly interrupted even for a second.

    I have a high end pc
    E-VGA 680i P31 Bios, 15.58 Nforce
    Q6600 - @3.2Ghz
    4gb ddr 2 pc 8500 Dominators
    2x Seagate 500GB drives
    1x E-VGA GTX 260 216 896MB
    Windows 7 64-Bit Home Premium SP1
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  13. chabbo

    chabbo Registered Member

    serch for windows updates.

    did you have freze and that before you did install everthing?
  14. dw426

    dw426 Registered Member

    Really? I've uninstalled it several times from my Win7 64 premium system in normal mode without any issue. I'm like the others, I've never seen a slowdown using it. Judging by the rest of the OPs' description, there's a system issue.
  15. Spooony

    Spooony Registered Member

    I know some av products slow the system down when the runtime packers options are enabled or there's some files compressed with compression it don't support ot having problems with.
  16. Dark Shadow

    Dark Shadow Registered Member

    It maybe a clean install and high end but that does not mean everything installed so tidy.Maybe disk clean up,registry bottlenecks,could be something as a simple cleaning up of left over junk and then defrag.
  17. mantra

    mantra Registered Member

    i did notice that some program like jv16 power tools 2009 or 2011 slow down avast and i noticed that the avast service consume 60% of the cpu
  18. Technical

    Technical Registered Member

    What do they do?
    I mean, avast has a self defense module for files and registry keys, what jv16 is trying to clean and what did it really clean?
    I see no correlation... :rolleyes:
  19. twl845

    twl845 Registered Member

    Just download the Avast Removal tool and use it when you uninstall. It's really quick. I never went into safe mode.:)
  20. gery

    gery Registered Member

    yep that's what i do but really i don't think that is the normal way. Anyway it is not that i need to uninstall it too often. In fact i rarely need to do it. Anyhow overall i like AIS very much:thumb: :thumb: :thumb: Might renew my license in February if it remains as it is .... light effective and user friendly
  21. Mike6080919395

    Mike6080919395 Registered Member

    Hi guys, just wanted to say thanks.

    It turns out that my previous system install left 37% of the main windows drive not defragged, eventhough I chose custom install and completely deleted the old 465gb partition.
    It took forever for defrag to go thru 2 500gb drives. Also I wanted to mention that I normally run CCleaner for my registry and file cleanup which I think is a great app. Then I also right click on c: and run file cleanup that way too, just incase.

    It seems to be more responsive after this and chkdsk running earlier this morning.
    Its hard to believe that even after a clean install my system had to be defragged 37%. Avast didn't break my defragger like I thought. It just took a really long time.

    There is one issue that avast seems to be causing and I don't know why
    When I launch steam it pauses for a brief second, but it doesn't say steam loading and all of the login details like it normally would.

    Also one more thing I normally do with CCleaner is enable the option to wipe free space. Is this something that shouldn't be done? The reason I ask, is because the day after I used this option my IP address got locked on 169.X.X.X.. Now I did have to go buy a new USB->Ethernet adapter 10/100 vs my old Gigabit Lan, but I am wondering if checking the wipe free space option contributed to the data corruption of the drivers and failure.
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  22. majoMo

    majoMo Registered Member

    @ Mike, if you have Sandbox and Behavior Shield features activated some slowdown can occur. You can also use the ignore list to allow a better performance for a app. that you noticed slowdown. Add the path to the Trusted Processes also.
  23. twl845

    twl845 Registered Member

    If I remember right, that's the method prescribed by Avast! especially when doing a major upgrade. :)
  24. J_L

    J_L Registered Member

    You don't need to wipe free space unless you've deleted (not shredded) something private.
  25. KFBeaker

    KFBeaker Registered Member

    I think you answered your own question ....

    Unnecessary download managers running on local PC can do that.

    You also seem concerned about hard drive space (or "cleanliness")
    With Win7 x64 as long as you stay under 75% disk usage, just let the OS handle the defragging and you will be fine.

    If you want faster downloads and better / cleaner / roomier hard drive space, here's your real solutions:

    1. Get a faster internet connection from your ISP, or get a better ISP.
    2. Get a gigabit switch and a NAS
    3. If still twitchin' for a download mananger, they run great on a NAS.

    Now your internet is fast, your local PCs hard drive is uncluttered, and continuous downloads and hard drive work is offloaded from your "high end" PC. ...
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