Avast 8 Released!

Discussion in 'other anti-virus software' started by true indian, Feb 28, 2013.

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  1. true indian

    true indian Registered Member

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  2. anon

    anon Registered Member

    New Avast features roll out to fan legions

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  3. Vladimyr

    Vladimyr Registered Member

    "Sadly lacking from Avast 8 are any tools to directly address privacy concerns"
    -Seth Rosenblatt

    Come on Seth, what about "SafeZone"?

    Also, A stand-alone client is planned for "AccessAnywhere" but true, it is not available now.
  4. vlk

    vlk AV Expert

    I think he's talking more about Do-Not-Track type of functionality, included in some of the other suites. But the trend is clearly that browsers themselves start to provide this functionality (see changes in IE10, the new FF etc).

  5. sm1

    sm1 Registered Member

    Quick question: Does avast require web browser plugins for webshield or network shield? I am using IE 10 in windows 8 with enhanced protected mode enabled which forbids all addons. Will avast web and network shields work with Metro IE10?
  6. BoerenkoolMetWorst

    BoerenkoolMetWorst Registered Member

    Congratulations with the new release :)
    It seems finally light on resources again, like v4.x and 5.x used to be.

    Do-not-track is indeed standard in many browsers now, but is not really usefull, as it only sends a request asking not to be tracked. If you want protection, certain browser addons scan for and block trackers, and I don't think it's the job of an AV, all the extra features make them bloated. Cnet has lost it's credibility with me btw, and how can they talk about privacy concerns when the page of the article shows 11(!) different trackers..
  7. RejZoR

    RejZoR Polymorphic Sheep

    DNT is a completelly useless function. Until it gets enforced on protocol level or that companies would get incredibly high fines if they don't follow it, nothing will change. Setting DNT on or of is like flipping a switch attached on a shoe box. On the outside it seems like it has a function but when you open the box, you see it's not really connected to anything.

    So, why even bother and waste time on "technology" like this?
  8. JerryM

    JerryM Registered Member

    I wonder if you can print from SafeZone?
    I hope the Sandbox will work with FF, IE, and Chrome.
  9. 3x0gR13N

    3x0gR13N Registered Member

    The links in the original post link to beta servers, the links in the avast thread have been updated to link to official servers. Just a heads up.
  10. TheWindBringeth

    TheWindBringeth Registered Member

    I would agree that DNT is not adequate/reliable, however...

    The option to, locally on the computer, forcefully intercept and MITM all outbound HTTP requests (including possibly those made by applications that don't support proxy config or extension) and manipulate the requests/responses... be it for header insertion, malicious URL blocking, ad blocking, whatever... is a nice feature to have. Even more so if it can, as an option, also decrypt/re-encrypt HTTPS connections and apply the same rules to those.
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  11. Mops21

    Mops21 Registered Member

  12. NSG001

    NSG001 Registered Member

    o_O I think we already know this, please review thread and previous posts.
  13. lodore

    lodore Registered Member

    considering this version has only just come out today it seems very light on resources and reliable.

    some of my customers use avast and I am sure they will appreciate the new version.

    I think it is nice that the software update feature is included in the free version.

    the under the hood changes are always way more important than the gui but the gui changes are welcome as well. I cannot wait until all the backend changes are complete and see how much difference they make with the next av test.
  14. JerryM

    JerryM Registered Member

    I can now print from SafeZone:thumb: :thumb:
    I have not checked to determine if the browsers will work sandboxed.
  15. Trooper

    Trooper Registered Member

    Awesome news. Can you install over the top? :D
  16. anon

    anon Registered Member

    DNTMe Frequently Asked Questions
  17. waters

    waters Registered Member

    Firefox is the only one here that works sandboxed .Chrome runs but the options do not work.
  18. anon

    anon Registered Member

    +1 .
  19. true indian

    true indian Registered Member

    Yep,worked for me on win7 and win8 systems...on my win7 after upgrading it was reporting v7 as latest even after v8 was released a repair got that sorted :)

    Now I am awaiting YT reviews to shoot out ;)
  20. chabbo

    chabbo Registered Member

    will it comw good prices soon. vlk?
  21. RejZoR

    RejZoR Polymorphic Sheep

  22. spywar

    spywar Registered Member

    Manzai is testing it ATM :D with fresh samples I gave him.
  23. acuariano

    acuariano Registered Member

    super light on resources
  24. Trooper

    Trooper Registered Member

    Good to hear.

    Still would like some help on firewall settings. :doubt:
  25. BoerenkoolMetWorst

    BoerenkoolMetWorst Registered Member

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