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Discussion in 'other firewalls' started by mack_guy911, Apr 3, 2012.

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    many people astaro is very hard to configure i make tutorial of it one day but by that time this one very good and helpfull for many people who looking for it

    like to add you can add Web Surfing group it auto add (http,https http proxy http web cache)
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    one more by default i guess ping forward or maybe enable i dont remember best is uncheck ICMP ping all

    Firewall 3rd tab ICMP

    create a rule for service ping Internal (Network) ----> internal (Address)


    source: Internal (Network) example or your entire network range

    service: ping ping service

    destination: internal (Address) thats your gateway address

    so by this rule you can ping your gateway from your internetwork but its not ping from external network

    i same way you can set other rules as well

    one more example if you use UBUNTU you need ubuntu keyservers for many ppa ...etc

    here one more rule for ubuntu keyserver since there is no drag drop service for ubuntu key server so better we create one 1st or during you make rule it create auto so whatever suites you

    click on

    Definitions & Users

    there you see Service Definitions click on it

    create new service Definitions

    Name: ubuntu key server

    Type of Definition: TCP

    Destination port: 11371

    Source port: 1:65535 ( it could be any )

    save it

    now we create rule same as above

    Network Security

    there you see Firewall click on it

    now in rules

    create new rule

    drag drop by clicking on folder icon

    source: Internal (Network)

    service: ubuntu key service ( which we created before in defination)

    Destination: any or if you know ubuntu kerserver IP address you can add that


    create a group of keyservers addresses in network defination and drag drop it.

    action : allow

    log if you want, Position where you want to put that rule, comment.......etc

    and apply ok Rule created

    remember rule created but dont work untill you make it green you see red button click on it and make it green and now rule enable and its working :))

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