AntiFreeze V1

Discussion in 'other software & services' started by Kapiti, Nov 21, 2007.

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  1. Kapiti

    Kapiti Registered Member

  2. Peter2150

    Peter2150 Global Moderator

    This is a good outfit. Have to try it.
  3. Perman

    Perman Registered Member


    Is it free, period or

    free download ?
  4. Kapiti

    Kapiti Registered Member

    It's both free to download and free to use.

    I've just installed the software and it immediately froze the computer:D
  5. Perman

    Perman Registered Member

    Hi, Oh No !

    Not a very decent start for a new product.

    Folks, be prepared to bring your own Anti-antifreeze, in case Kapiti's situation falls on you. :D
  6. wilbertnl

    wilbertnl Registered Member

    That must be to confirm that it's installed correctly and working.
    It functions when you unfreeze the computer. :eek:

  7. Perman

    Perman Registered Member


    Just installed it.

    Did not freeze up my box.
    Perhaps, it is OK to use then. Not too often, of course.
  8. Rasheed187

    Rasheed187 Registered Member

    Interesting tool, but I wonder if it´s more advanced than Process Tamer? AFAIK, if a machine is really frozen, then most of the time you´re out of luck, and need to reboot. Btw, Maxthon v2 also has an anti-freeze feature, don´t know if it really works though.

    EASTER Registered Member

    Can this stuff work in my car's radiator too? [little attempt at humor there]

    I'm reluctant but always game to try anything new provided it's genuinely out of beta and thoroughly tested across most popular platforms.

    I like to read more results first. Resplendence has been known to make some useful apps though, so no reservations here from it's distributor.
Thread Status:
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