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Discussion in 'other anti-trojan software' started by wizard, Nov 16, 2003.

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  1. wizard

    wizard Registered Member

  2. Comp01

    Comp01 Registered Member

    Hmm, would it be better to download anti-trojan, or wait until a2 free comes out?
  3. wizard

    wizard Registered Member

    To download Anti-Trojan is no good choice. The program is history now. Malware scanners have to be update. For a2 I can say this program was announced several times now. Maybe it comes tomorrow, next month, next year or maybe never. You just can't count on it.

    So if you are really intressted in an anti trojan scanner today just have a look at the existing (and already several times reviewed) products like TDS-3 or Trojan Hunter.

  4. Comp01

    Comp01 Registered Member

    I already have TrojanHunter trial installed right now, and have tried TDS-3, I like TrojanHunter as its a faster scanning engine, compared to TDS-3 took 4-5 hours to scan my entire computer, TrojanHunter takes about 45 minutes..
  5. Andreas Haak

    Andreas Haak Guest

    Well ... finish the trial period of TH and than maybe try a² :). I guess until than there will be several reviews online :).
  6. Comp01

    Comp01 Registered Member

    I plan on it, I'm also looking into test driving some other Antitrojans
  7. Andreas Haak

    Andreas Haak Guest

    Here you have a list of AT programs: :)
  8. TonyKlein

    TonyKlein Security Expert

    We have some more good information at this very site :) :
  9. phaedrus

    phaedrus Registered Member

    I don`t share wizards pessimism when it comes to A² :)

    Sure, the project has been a long time coming, but a quick look at the A² web site will show a lot of recent updates and preparations for what must (finally) be the long awaited release of A² :cool:

    Info on how the program works is now available in English showing that this program is more than just an anti trojan scanner.

    My advise Comp01 is to wait untill A² is released before you make your decision.

    It looks like its going to be a must have "killer app" :)


  10. wizard

    wizard Registered Member

    Advertisement and big promises are one thing but what really counts are the results. a2 is again two days behind his schedules and the released "test version" was far beyond the expectation.

  11. phaedrus

    phaedrus Registered Member

    I agree that the proof of the pudding is in the eating, however TDS-4 has been promised for well over a year now, yet I don`t hear you tell people not to bother waiting for it. DCS want to make sure TDS-4 is right before it gets released, and I`m sure Andreas and the A² team are the same with A².
    (and if A² doesn`t get 5 stars at wilders when it does come out, I`ll eat my own @rse) :D

    I`m sure both programs will live up to expectations.

    I`m also frustrated at the delays with this program, but as I said, all the updates and development at A².org point to an imminent release.

    I bet you`ll love it when its out wizard ;)


  12. Andreas Haak

    Andreas Haak Guest

    >a2 is again two days behind his schedules and the released "test version" was far beyond the

    Calling the false postive test a "test version" is like calling cow pat a pizza ;).
  13. peter.ewido

    peter.ewido former ewido team

    lol, but it hasn't been announced as a fp-test...
  14. Andreas Haak

    Andreas Haak Guest

    What would you like to test on an engine? There are only a few things you can test:

    False positives
    Detection rate

    It wasn't meant to test the detection rate. If it was meant to test the detection rate I would had added all plugins and signatures.

    So there are only performance/stability and false positives as test criterias :).
  15. wizard

    wizard Registered Member

    But don't you need for a complete false positives test all signatures? ;)

  16. Andreas Haak

    Andreas Haak Guest

    >But don't you need for a complete false positives test all signatures? ;)

    Not really :). It was a test of the finger printing plugin :). 8000 signatures are enough to test the fingerprinting alogorithm if its strong enough or not :).
  17. discogail

    discogail Security Expert

    My post criticizing wizard for constantly putting down a2 & Andreas,,& that it was getting tired.& that I was sick of reading it already...has been DELETED......I pointed out that Andreas Haak is a member of this board, and as a moderator, one should consider protecting its members. .& "Enough, already".. people will get the opportunity to make their own judgements re: a2,...... are a detriment to a wonderful & mighty board ........
    That action was unjustified, personal, & not at all fit for such an esteemed forum. The post broke no rules....but simply pointed out the above,....
  18. Primrose

    Primrose Registered Member

    Naw..wizard is just lonely and wanted to be the first one to post the good news at this forum. If you ask him nice he will tell you how he found out :D
  19. Paul Wilders

    Paul Wilders Administrator

    Gail, our Global Moderators are entitled to do so in case they feel it's necessary - and so has wizard.

    Well, you didn't use these - far more polite - wording, actually; they way you express your feelings now would have been acceptable.

    As for the contents from your concern: a Global Moderator over here does have many obligations. Reading your comment, you focus on protecting registered board members. IMO we do - and so does wizard. By no means this does imply Moderators are not entitled to their own opinion. One might agree or disagree: no problem at all. Taking into account wizard and Andreas are both very capable in expressing their views, and do know one another for many, many years, I for one am convinced the both of them are quite able to discuss issues in an mature way.

    I do agree: people will have te opportunity to check out and test a2 for themselves - pro's and others alike. I'm sure Andreas wouldn't like to see it otherwise, and wizard won't object ;)

    We obviously differ on the first - and agree on your second statement ;)

    No offense Claire - on the contrary. But we will not allow any staff member being insulted - and that has been the case in the now deleted post of yours. In this context, the post did brake our rules/TOS. I for one have no problems in any way to ägree to disagree". But then again without insults/personal attacks.

    So let's move on in an adult and mature way - especially when there are differences of opinions, OK? ;)


  20. sig

    sig Registered Member

    "I for one am convinced the both of them are quite able to discuss issues in an mature way."

    Ah, that's why the previous A2 thread was taken offline altogether...too "mature" for readers here to see? LOL
  21. Paul Wilders

    Paul Wilders Administrator

    I'm optimistic by nature - and convinced we all learn along the way ;)


  22. Primrose

    Primrose Registered Member

    I think you are being way to hard on wizard. It is nice to have a guy post that you do not need a firewall not only at this Board but others..especially to newbies. And if you want an opinion not to buy and NAV products even if you are using them now..he will give it to you..and interpret all the Testing done out there that proves NOD is the best for you no matter what you are running now.

    Unless you would like to try some Roth software and pick up the gator popup at the same time.

    :D :cool:

    So i think it is time to give him a break....but that is only my impartial suggestion. ;)

    I have been enjoying his thoughts at this Board since since he started Moderating here on February 11, 2002.


    You have Nav but you are not going to like the new one;start=msg101724#msg101724

    Pushing (Rose) ROTH's Software and now the best you can get there is a popup to install Gator.;start=msg9386#msg9386

  23. notageek

    notageek Registered Member

    I agree promise.
  24. wizard

    wizard Registered Member

    Looks like I am getting a fan club overhere. Nice to see that there are people starting to collect my postings now. ;)

    Anyway you will understand that I am not going to argue about threats that are more than 1,5 years ago. Suprinsingly that you had to go that much in the board history to find something where you can turn my wordings against me.

    But overall it was a good laugh. :D Especially to highlight that a link to some real good freeware tools I posted 1,5 years ago could lead nowadays to a spyware install if someone visits the site now with an unsecured browser. Just to get the facts straight: Rose Software has nothing to do with spyware (the site is just hosted by a free provider) and also none of their software contains spyware. If you doubt me just ask your good friend Andreas Haak about the quality and the reputation of these tools. He will tell you straight away that he is part of the development team.

  25. Primrose

    Primrose Registered Member

    No trouble at all wizard..I have one of those photograhic memories that never forgets the big laughs..

    If you hit the rosey page will get the gator popup. :D

    all of us that tried it..declined. :doubt:

    No one was interested in the Percision/Time Date Manager with GAIN...

    No one ever said it was part of the package.

    You got a fan club here since you drag stuff to this forum so you can play with it..everyone is game..but now the rules of engagement give way to reason..and facts..not just your opinion all the time.
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