Ahh..a little sanity about the cloud..

Discussion in 'other security issues & news' started by Longboard, Sep 16, 2010.

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  1. Longboard

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  2. LockBox

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    Some very good points in that Register article. Thanks, Longboard. I tried out a "cloud" OS just this past weekend. I spent an hour or so with Jolicloud 1.0 where they've moved away from desktop apps and storage. Yes, it's pretty and extremely simple. But...(after the pretty screenshot)....


    But...(there's always a but)....I was dumbfounded to discover that Jolicloud will only work if you sign-in(!) each and every time you use the OS. They call it a "Social OS"...I call it a "Snoopy OS." If you sign-in every time you use your computer (no way around it) it's no different than the old AOL. They know every single thing you do from sign-on to sign-off. I don't mean you sign-in like a Windows login, you actually sign into the Jolicloud service.

    Will Google be so brazen as to try this? Needless to say, my one-hour experiment with Jolicloud left me jaded about an OS "in the cloud."
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    I've never cared for the whole cloud thing. Once your data is on someone else's server, it isn't your data anymore. And as bad as a widespread internet outage would be now, having everything in the cloud would bring us all to a dead stop.
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    I agree with you, but let's not forget that this "in-the-cloud" thing is nothing new. It's as old as Internet is.

    We all have e-mail services, right? And, unless we're running an internal one, then we also are in-the-cloud, when talking about e-mails.

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    Do you expect to access the cloud OS without logging in, sort of like just surfing to another web page?

    I agree that internet outages would be a big issue against going for this type of tech.

    If it isn't on your computer isn't it in the cloud? ;)
    I have been using my OS in the cloud since 1997. :D

    What would be the point in having 2 OS's?
    One to boot my system, then a second to do everything else, and only in the cloud.
  6. LockBox

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    Okay, I plead guilty of being terrible at detecting sarcasm. You were just joking, right?
  7. ABee

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    I've looked at clouds from both sides now,
    From up and down, and still somehow,
    It's cloud illusions i recall . . . .
    I really don't know clouds at all.

    -Joni Mitchell

    My problem: I could never decide whether to compute from the cumulo nimbus or cirro stratus environment.
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