Acronis True Image WISH-LIST thread

Discussion in 'Acronis True Image Product Line' started by Dysthymia, Aug 10, 2004.

  1. asusnet

    asusnet Registered Member

    I want to make the Secure Zone invisble from the first time and show icon in my computer....
  2. cnm

    cnm Spyware Expert

    In data backup, be able to choose the exact files to backup, and no others. Currently whatever you choose, a whole category of files gets backed up.
  3. Osmosium

    Osmosium Registered Member

    I understand True Image Home 2009 has blu-ray support. Unfortunately, this only appears to be true for the Windows-hosted software. The True Image Home boot CDROM software does not seem to support blu-ray. It would be very nice if the Acronis True Image Home did support blu-ray completely.
  4. rele

    rele Registered Member

    is it possible to make complete version numbers to you site, i just can`t find them.
  5. juergenb52

    juergenb52 Registered Member

    Restore of older Image would be fine.

    With ABR 10 i canĀ“t restore ABR10, True Echo WS Images !
  6. bboyer

    bboyer Registered Member

    Import/Export (menu command) of backup archives across all editions/versions. Should have been implemented *long* ago.
  7. avecchio

    avecchio Registered Member

    I wish that the ATI messages were more meaningful. None of the messages give a task name and or file name (e.g. "Specified file does not exist" does not provide a file name). "File not found:None". Messages are worse than useless.