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Discussion in 'ewido anti-spyware beta forum' started by Chubb, May 18, 2006.

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  1. Chubb

    Chubb Registered Member

    Are we near to, or far away from the next beta build? has been out for quite some weeks.
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  2. siliconman01

    siliconman01 Registered Member

    I'm still on plus. When did 152 come out?
  3. mata7

    mata7 Registered Member here also
  4. gerardwil

    gerardwil Registered Member

    Come on guys....
    Do you keep asking which version will when come out?
    Wait till your birthday before opening presents.

  5. mata7

    mata7 Registered Member

    i dint ask for nothing i just was tellig the guy what i have
  6. Chubb

    Chubb Registered Member

    I have a crash with beta and ewido won't start. Just want to know if a new build is available for testing. Reported to the ewido team some time ago..:p
  7. ErikAlbert

    ErikAlbert Registered Member

    Don't they inform beta-testers via website or email about new builds ?
    If you are not a beta-tester, you better wait for the final version.
  8. Rickster100

    Rickster100 Registered Member

    At time of writing the latest version available is still - this is the latest version available for download from the Grisoft Beta download site (despite that it says the latest is

    I would try a total clean re-install and see if that helps. Ive found this version (other than minor bugs here and there already described elsewhere in this forum) an excellent beta release.

  9. jhwker

    jhwker Registered Member

    When I looked earlier today they had removed the Ewido Anti-Malware beta download from the Grisoft Beta site. After reading your post I checked again, no beta to download... Maybe they are getting ready to release a new version?

  10. gerardwil

    gerardwil Registered Member

    64 "bugs" resolved

    48 "bugs" to go

    But who knows?
  11. jhwker

    jhwker Registered Member

  12. Rickster100

    Rickster100 Registered Member


    Version has been available for download for a few weeks... (it had been advertised as build - they just didnt update the site details). Now, if you download this version, install, reboot and then do an update, it will revert to Yesterday when I posted previously on this it was still being advertised as Just shows that the Ewido boys are reading the forum!

  13. Chubb

    Chubb Registered Member

    Yes, I am a beta tester. I am not sure if they would notify you by e-mail when new builds are available, since you can always update to the latest build by the automatic update. However, my ewido crashed and was unable to start after updating to build 151 via automatic update . I was therefore required to either disable automatic update and continue to use build 150, or revert to 3.5, until a new build is released for testing. :(
  14. Geek

    Geek Guest

    Ewido Beta 4.0


    Does anybody know when Ewido Beta goes to the final??

  15. Brandon

    Brandon Registered Member

    Re: Ewido Beta 4.0

    Hi Geek,

    I am guessing when everything is fixed/added (eg; bugs and suggestions etc..) and when they feel it is ready to go final :) As in time, I do not know.
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