16 Security Scanners Unplugged

Discussion in 'other anti-malware software' started by InfinityAz, Aug 17, 2006.

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  1. InfinityAz

    InfinityAz Registered Member

  2. bellgamin

    bellgamin Very Frequent Poster

    Good read. Thanks!
  3. Devil's Advocate

    Devil's Advocate Registered Member

    Probably just me, but there seems to be (at least) one glaring technical error in that piece
  4. Ngwana

    Ngwana Registered Member

    Not just that, the blog style articles on the techsupport site seem to expose the weakness of security products with very little help on how to address them. This raises the question as to who is the intended target for the ALERTS. :oops:
  5. A1SteakSauce

    A1SteakSauce Registered Member

    Happened to me once. Started up Ad-Aware, it immediately detected some rogue antivirus/spyware. When it was detected 5 secs later Computer restarted itself... I was confused. So I tried again, same thing. Then I got wise and ran Ad-Aware and right when it detected that threat (I memorized what number threat it was), I immediately selected end scan and deleted the files and the computer shut down... Rebooted ran a full scan, whole thing went very, very, smooth (very much to my surprise).:) of course that was before I discovered this bundle of joy of a website... :D
  6. aigle

    aigle Registered Member

    Tests seem interesting but it is a rather foolish way to put signature based appliances against tests that seem more suitable for HIPS.
  7. mercurie

    mercurie A Friendly Creature

    And of course BoClean was not in the line up as usual. :rolleyes:
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