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Discussion in 'ESET NOD32 Antivirus' started by Daegalus, Apr 25, 2008.

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  1. bsilva

    bsilva Registered Member


    I currently have the same issue with the CPU usage. After troubleshooting problem I found out if I disable file open under Real Time file system protection -> Scan on -> Open, that the problem went away (for my system). I have all the options set right now and I'm currently not having any high usage problems. I can recreate this issue with multiple programs that I use.

    I currently had to stop pushing the new version out to the rest of the computers.

  2. John2222

    John2222 Registered Member

    Question: If you aren't checking for viruses by disabling ESET when you open a file, do you really get any antivirus protection?

    Isn't that basically close to uninstalling NOD32?
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  3. bsilva

    bsilva Registered Member

    I would agree with that. From what I scanned through this post was that people were referring to AH and runtime packers.
  4. John2222

    John2222 Registered Member

    I'm not currently having any problems (Vista Home SP1) since I disabled advanced heuristics and runtime packers for the each of the major functions (AV/ASpyware, Real time file protection, email, web, and on-demand)
  5. bsilva

    bsilva Registered Member

    I did that and it didn't work for me.
  6. Helshad

    Helshad Registered Member

    I just wanted to add that NOD32 version 3.669 is causing some high CPU for me too... just not that long... about 5-10 sec when I switch user in Vista for example... but nothing bad... Other than that I hardly notice its there... :cool:
  7. Marcos

    Marcos Eset Staff Account

    I wouldn't alter web/email scanner settings as they are most imporant modules that catch most malware before it can enter your computer.
  8. ram130

    ram130 Registered Member

    my point exactly...does it really makes sense havin it installed?
  9. John2222

    John2222 Registered Member

    OK. I'll revert those back to full protection. But I thought you suggested that the AH and run-time packers were new features designed ONLY for those people who needed additional protection.

    So (if) I were to uninstall and then install again with clean new settings, should I just take the defaults, or go through the list of suggested modifications listed by Blackspear?
  10. Marcos

    Marcos Eset Staff Account

    I meant only advanced heuristics/runtime packers on file access. It's in the ThreatSense section in the real-time protection setup. You can simply revert all settings to defaults by clicking the Default button in the setup.
  11. joby

    joby Registered Member

    1 - thinkpad r40 2724-cto
    2 - this was already done to no effect, it was disabling scanning of the C:\Program Files\ThinkPad\ConnectUtilities directory which fixed the problem
    3 - yes it jumps.
    here are a list of the executables in the ConnectUtilities directory
    AcFnF5.exe v
    ACMainGUI.exe v
    AcMurocHlpr.exe v
    AcPrfMgrSvc.exe v
    AcSvc.exe v
    ACTray.exe v
    ACWLIcon.exe v
    KillAC.exe N/A
    QcTray.exe v
    QCWizard.exe v
    SMBHlpr.exe v
    SvcGuiHlpr.exe v

    ok, while investigating this further, i realized that there are 3 files in this directory which are constantly being modified i believe these are causing the problems, will manually disable scanning of just these files at another time.
    the files are:

  12. joby

    joby Registered Member

    So apparently its some type of log, other antivirus' seem to choke on the
    anyways, its a friends computer so ill check on this when i get a chance.
    but it makes sense that if a program is constantly writing to a log, that the av might choke on it i guess. anyways i'll get back to you folks in a few days.

  13. ram130

    ram130 Registered Member

    still a stupid reason for 100% ....note...it only happen with eset...i notice unno a ignore me...its kool..i guess it doesn't make no sense to what i say. After all I am jus a normal user who is getting 100% that affects other programs should and it should not be consider serious but rather for my benefit...rite? I mean i work with Pro Tools too...how u tink dat performs? especially when recording 50cento_O
  14. joby

    joby Registered Member

    did a bit of fiddling with my thinkpad which doesnt have the problem my friends does, and lo and behold logging is disabled on my laptop. Now I'll check the other thinkpad when i have access to it, but my guess is that it is enabled on hers.

    you can get to the enable/disable logging screen on a thinkpad by pressing F5, clicking "Open AccessConnections", going to the "Tools" menu, and clicking Diagnostics. Click on the "Event Log" tag

    I will disable this log on her laptop, then remove all exclusions, my guess is that cpu utilization will remain low. (I don't know why the event log was enabled in the first place so don't ask). Anyways, is it possible there's some dll out there that these programs are calling when writing event logs etc that is tripping up eset.


  15. joby

    joby Registered Member

    ok so i did it, i disabled logging, removed the exclusion and voila, cpu utilization is normal again.
    anyways maybe the eset ppl can use this info to fix this problem
  16. Bubba

    Bubba Updates Team

    It's very much appreciated joby and refreshing to see when users attempt to share in problems such as this instead of the is the 100% cpu usage fixed ?? type contributions. While this has been a challenging time for not only Eset and what appears to be a small percentage of users, hopefully thru troubleshooting feedback by users such as yourself, this issue will make some headway for the part Nod32 is responsible for.
  17. hex_614

    hex_614 Registered Member

    i think there something causing the real time protection of nod32 to act like that. check your other real time software. for me here in office im using nod32 v3.0 anti virus, with only windows xp sp2, amd 1.5ghz and 384mb of ram. and i dont have any problems yet. try to clean your pc with ccleaner it good in cleaning garbage and unwanted registry entries that slowing your pc and defragment regularly.
  18. prophetzhang

    prophetzhang Registered Member

    i 'll give you some tips(wish it could be helpful)
    1.disable the update of windows
    2.delete the update foldor in system folder (windows\windows NT……)
    3.enable the autoupdate of windows
  19. Requiem

    Requiem Registered Member

    Here's a good one: I've got two machines, one a 2.8GHz P4 running XP Pro SP3 (fully patched, current drivers, etc.), one a Core 2 Duo E6750 running Vista Business SP1 32-bit. Both of these machines are running Autodesk's AutoCAD Civil 3D 2008 SP2. I have just installed NOD32 3.0.669 on both of them, with current virus defs, both running the same configuration file. Both boot fine and generally operate normally. However, when starting Civil 3D on the Vista machine, CPU usage immediately jumps to 100% of 1 CPU core. It stays like this indefinitely (I've left the machine running in this state for close to an hour, no change). On the XP machine, I can launch Civil 3D, work normally, and there are no problems at all (especially odd given the disparity in computation power between the two machines). If I kill the ekern.exe process, Civil 3D continues to load normally. I've submitted this problem to eset, but haven't heard back yet.

    Edit: I should also note that both machines are fresh installs, and the Vista machine is brand new hardware (~3 months old).

    Update: I just tried this on another Vista machine. Identical hardware (built these myself, the same down to the firmware revisions on the hard drives), same software, same NOD32 install, same configuration, but this one runs fine. I've got a couple other machines whose users are out today, so I'll try this on more machines and see what happens.

    Update: So, I did not realize at first that the software on these two Vista machines is indeed different. The second machine I tested had both Civil 3D 2008 and 2009 installed (testing before deployment). I tested another 2008-only machine, and it too freezes. We're going to be upgrading all our machines to 2009 next weekend. So, I plan on doing more testing then. I'll try another machine with both 2008 and 2009, and a machine with only 2009. If both of those work fine, then the combination of Civil 3D 2008 and Vista is the culprit, which should make it much easier to narrow down. I'll post back with more info.
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  20. ram130

    ram130 Registered Member

    interesting but weird ....i tink i might know what is causing the high cpu...i got a virtual machine in linux running xp and ubuntu studio....So I'm gonna try and install the eset smart security and see how it goes.

    Its weird right now cause i got a 3GHz P4 dual core with Vista Ultimate at the studio and eset smart security running(not upto date) and when i run pro tools or anyting else theres no 100% cpu...theres also a second machine with xp sp2 and it runs fine with no 100% cpu by eset. But at home with a amd athlon 1.7ghz with Xp SP3 and smart security(upto date) theres always 100% cpu.....U TINK IT COULD DO WITH THE TYPE OF PROCESSORo_O?
  21. John2222

    John2222 Registered Member

    This thread has been active now for 3+ months. Is there any information from ESET or moderators as to the current status of the investigation, resolution, or new release to address this problem?

    Hopefully the software programmers and developers are busy identifying and resolving the problem. At least tell us what is going on, please?
  22. ram130

    ram130 Registered Member

    any updates on this problem?
  23. Damon85

    Damon85 Registered Member

    Just to add to the information (particularly with the ThinkPad logs above), this issue will also occur with AOL Instant Messenger if IM Logging is enabled. I noticed that the AIM program would lock up for about 3-4 seconds every time a message was sent or received from a particular person. Task Manager showed ekrn at 100% usage for those 3-4 seconds. A quick look with Filemon led to ekrn accessing a log file, and IM logging being turned on and an about 9MB HTML file being fully scanned every time it was modified. This was not noticed on another PC, but that PC did not have logging enabled.

    Does ESET have a problem with log files that get too big, or is it HTML files in particular there's a problem with? This was not noticed on this PC until recently, so it seems the files need to grow beyond 8MB or so before the problem occurs.
  24. ram130

    ram130 Registered Member

    i think u could be rite...im gonna test dis
  25. Bunkhouse Buck

    Bunkhouse Buck Registered Member

    Tech support promised me a fix "soon" but could not provide it. I requested a refund of my payment and got it after being a customer for many years.
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